Chalice Whitelight is a Mobian lynx and descendant of the Clan of the Peaceful Ocean. She is effectively a witch and can control and create water, as well as cast spells and brew potions. She currently works as a waitress at Club Rouge alongside Neena Pageant, a thermokinetic witch of the Clan of the Springtime Corn.


Early life

Chalice was raised by Rosie and Julayla after her parents' death, and so was unaware that her entire family were members of the Clan of the Peaceful Ocean and was in the dark about her powers. After leaving Knothole, she discovered her powers and learnt the truth from Neena Pageant of the Clan of the Springtime Corn, who told her that she had had a prophetic dream about her. Neena took Chalice to Club Rouge, where she got a job as a waitress so they could stay close and protect each other and the innocent.

Club Rouge

After seeing Lightning “Selenia” the Hedgehog and Scream the Bat fighting, Chalice approached them and asked if anything was the matter. There wasn't, and Chalice realised that even if there was, she couldn't use her powers for everything if she was to stay hidden from evil.

Notes and References

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