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Cquote1 Ma' Pa always said that home ain't just where ye live; it's part 'a who ya' are. That ain't been truer with the fellers like you, lad. Y'all lost yer homes to Infinite, and ye joined the warriors to get them back. With Infinite gone, we all need to figure out what to do with ourselves. I wish you luck in finding yer own path out. Cquote2
Chaise to Markus, After the Blackout

Chaise the Wolf is a male gray wolf from Southern Woods Village. He is a Storm Fighter, the mate of Audrey the Dog and father of Cody the Wolfdog. He is easily distinguished by his thick Southern US accent, being the only warrior along with Audrey to have it.


Chaise is a sturdy wolf with thick, dark gray fur the color of thunderhead clouds, similarly to Argus the Wolf. He has amber eyes and a very broad frame. His son Cody leans more toward him in terms of appearance.


Upon first look, Chaise appears rather quiet and observant, but can be quite friendly. He loves his mate Audrey and son Cody, and often tried his best to keep Cody's spirits up during the half-wolf's suffering through Rowan the Red Wolf's bullying.


Before the Series: Chaise was born and raised in Southern Woods Village, and his life was normal until the Iron Dominion invaded and took over, killing Audrey's father Billy. When Audrey snuck away, he was reluctant to let her leave, as he loved her, but knew they needed help.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The War of Darkness (arc)

Tide of War: Chaise appears in the Prologue, when Audrey informs him of her father's demise and her decision to leave. He is reluctant to let her leave, but lets her go, telling her he loves her as she leaves. In the main story, Chaise does not appear much, but reveals his past in the Iron Dominion when they took his village over. He later participates in the Battle of Lamarkie, and identifies his old former friend Sully when Cody apprehends the gray fox.

The Phantom Storm:

After the Blackout: Chaise is one of the many warriors to help in the restoration of Red Gate City. When Markus is unable to sleep because of his doubts, Chaise comforts the young Hedgehog.




Audrey the Dog

Chaise and Audrey love each other, and are very close.

Cody the Wolfdog

Chaise's relationship with his son is a bit strained because Cody is bullied for being a hybrid, but Cody still defended his father when Boulder the Lycanroc questioned his loyalty.

The Iron Dominion

Chaise harbors a deep loathing for the Iron Dominion because they conquered his Village and turned his former friend Sully against him.

Sully the Fox

The sneaky gray fox Sully was once Chaise's friend, but the Iron Dominion's occupation of Southern Woods Village strained their friendship, as Sully viewed them as a means to gain power, while Chaise wanted to defeat the enemy.


Chaise is the first warrior in the series to appear with a southern US accent, alongside his mate Audrey.

  • Cody does not have this, but this is because no one else on the Base has the accent his parents do.
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