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*Bloodlust's misson is on day one

*Bloodlust gets captured on night 1

*His friends realize that he is gone on Day 2


During his first mission to find a Chaos Emerald, Bloodlust the Vampfox is captured by a mysterious being in a rose pink cloak. Three of Bloodlust's friends realize that he has disapeared and set out to find him.


Yamaya Motau or Copper the Mink- Bloodlust the Vampfox

ScourgeChan- Dantae the Hedgecat

Lady Sapphira- Sapphire the Hedgehog

SnowlessWinter ~ Winter "Icy" the Cat


Day 1: " Oh, god, why don't I shut my yap..." Bloodlust comlplained as he put his hood on. He mouthed off to Shadow the other day since he was really iirritated that he wasn't alowed to go on missions, then was forced to go on one. Alone. He opened he door to outside, where he found someone tried to knock on his door.

"Woah!" Sapphire said as she pulled her hand away from the door. "Stop using your ESP. You're gonna give me a heart attack someday!" She laughed as she put her hands on her hips. "So... We were all wondering if you'd like to go out to eat with us?"

"Sorry, but I don't have the time..." Said the cream-colored vampfox. He really wanted to prove himself with Shadow, Rouge and Omega. His stomach growled, signaling that he was hungry. "And, I used dumb-luck, not ESP..."

A blue female cat poked her head out from behind Sapphire. "You sound quite hungry," she says. "Why not eat just a little?"

"I'm fine, really." Bloodlust protests. "I just have to do... Somthing...." The boy's ears twitched .

"What kind of something?" Sapphire prodded curiously. She moved her hands off of her hips and crossed them over her chest, tapping her foot as she moved.

"Sounds interesting...," the blue cat purred. "Tells about it!" Her eyes gleamed with curiousity.

Bloodlust sighed. "A mission..."

"Oooh! Sounds fun. Could we join?" Sapphire offered innocently.

"Yeah!" the cat bounced up with glee at the thought of going on a mission. "Can we?" She looked at Bloodlust with hopeful eyes, her tail swishing back and forth.

The thought of his friends wanting to do a mission really botherd Bloodlust. "No."

Winter's ears and tail dropped. "N-No...?"

Instead of disappointment crossing her face, weary, suspicion, and curiosity replaced her energetic look. "And dare I ask why not Lust?" Her foot stopped tapping at his response.

"Look this mission is for G.U.N." He said, annoyed.

"Soooo~," Sapphire prodded. "Sounds like fun. We'll be the Three Musketeers! Out on a mission!"

Dantae was waiting in the car, but she soon got impatient and came out of the car, then walked up to the door "What's the holdup? Is he coming or not?"

Bloodlust sences their thoughts. "No means no. And Dantae, don't ho after me, I know what your thinking..."

"That's one less meal to pay for I guess. Cmon guys, no means no." Dantae strolled back to the car a little annoyed.

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