"Come and Get Me!!!"

"Didn't I tell you before......? I'M YOUR OPPONENT!!!"

"This is Macho Man! Loud and Clear!" (On Communicator)

"There are some people that are appreciated by others.... and there are some who are better off dead.... but they are the ones who REALLY fight!!!"

"Never knew training had such a big timing plothole in it."


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Other Games

Sonic Adventure Revival & other related games

S Rank - "WOO! That's What I'm Talkin About!"

A Rank - "WHOO - HOO!"

B Rank - "Let's See Sonic Do That!"

C Rank - "Not Too Bad......"

D Rank - "Better than lower I guess....."

E Rank - "Aw... man this did not just happen!!!!"

Fighting Related

Vs. Shadow The Wolf, Kay The Fox, Or any Enforcer "Wait! I'm Fighting You?!"

Defeated: Kay, Or Shadow The Wolf "Uhhh.... you did well?!"

Deafeted By: Kay, Or Shadow The Wolf "I went easy on you"

Vs. Patricia The Skunk, Rik, & Maya The Echidna "you'll seem to entertain me"

Vs. Sky "you just can't let it go can you......?"

Defeated Sky: "Don't underestimate me again! now let me eat in peace!" 

Vs. Rik: "well..... shall we continue?"

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