Spirit-Material War

Long ago in the spectral realms, Nyu Sahara Zami had her second child during the war with the material realm. Due to her being in labor, she was not capable of being able to fight in the war. her husband Argosax, accompanies her until the baby is born. After days went by, the baby is finally born and is ready to start a new life. Suddenly, The "enemies from the material realm" came into the scene and steal the newborn for main testing, Thus seperates the baby from his family. 

For five months the boy has been through many painful test experiments, but through sheer resiliencey, he overcomes all of the near death experiments, and is then rescued the day after the end of the war. Reunited with his family, Nyu names her baby boy Cervantes.

Haunted By The Past

Years have passed ever since the war, Cervantes had continued to Travel on his own as a Stray person, and made himself ready to start a new life on his own. But while his life went on, Cervantes was haunted by the grusome images in his head that he has experienced in the experiments on him when he was just an infant. With this, he decides to head back into the material realm, and tries to confront the people that experimented on him. However Cervantes temporarily loses his mind and is forced back into the spectral realm. Argosax, Cervantes' father discovers his mental issues. he tells Cervantes, the he needs to hone his dark power in order to exact revenge on the ones who tried to destroy him.

Returning To Authenia

Returning to Authenia to get revenge on the citizens, Cervantes was also accompanied of the thoughts of being alone for most of his life. With this, Cervantes is now put within another step: achieving the goal of having "friends to take back with him into the spectral realm. As he head twoards Asom, he used his inner powers to take the form of a citizen, and attack the people of metropolis. Soon Sky The Hedgehog figures out that Cervantes was behind all of the act and challenges him to battle. For unknown reasons, Cervantes attempts to submerge the evil energy from sky while having the upper hand against him. Hours have gone by of the battle, and Rik assist Sky ultimately defeating Cervantes. However Sky attempts to kill Cervantes, but Rik intervenes and Cervantes is arrested shortly after.

Unexpected Turn Of Events

Rik bails Cervantes out of prison after two days of him being locked up.he tell Cervantes that he may be a "useful adversary" and that he needed to be in a hospital anyways. As soon as he was rushed into the hospital and stayed for five days of recovery, the king of mobius declares that Cervantes must not place a single part of his body into any part of a city unless told otherwise. With that being said, Cervantes refuses to head back into the spectral realm after leaving the hospital. He was homeless until he saw a waterfall that had no one around it... He didn't care about the ins and outs or the pros and cons, so he decides to live there until further notice. he currently resides there with his two adopted daughters: Alaina, Colina, and their friend Kuma.

The Love Quest

In Progress!

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Role in Sonic Adventure Revival

Cervantes appears in the game as both a minor antagonist in the Hero story and one of the main protagonists in the last story.

Hero Story

Cervantes is shortly allied with Sonic to battle off the G.U.N Soldiers. Successful, Cervantes then strikes down Sonic as he thought that he was "One of them", and then soon escapes down an abandoned airport. Followed by Sonic more gun soldiers come into the scene also with this making Cervantes a Boss. Sonic nearly defeats Cervantes but is distracted by a blimp from eggman informing the eggman empire striking back. Cervantes escapes in the distraction and is seen heading for eggman.  

Last Story

Cervantes is a minor playable character in the final boss along with Rik, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Rouge, Beta, Sonic, Silver, and Blaze while using the master emeralds powers. He is once again allied with the main fray of the game to defeat the Chaotic Apocolypse and save Tikal. With the final boss defeated, Cervantes is seen talking to Rik about where the apocolypse came from. right then, he sees Amy chasing after Sonic he halts her by grabbing the back of her dress. She gets into a tantrum yelling at him to let go, but to no avail he just says that "All heroes need a break".

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