New Cerise
Biographical Information
  • 13
  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed father
  • Celia (Real name)
  • Psychopath
  • Fruit, chocolate, being random, scary things, anime/manga, music (mainly rock), soccer, spicy food, video games, singing, sharp objects, blood, fire
  • Girly things, jerks, being used, dresses/skirts, make-up,
Romantic Interests
  • None.
Physical Description
  • Ocelot
  • Female
  • Red fur/hair
  • White muzzle/ears
  • Black nose
  • Yellow irises
  • Dark red striped jacket with blue and white stripe, blue jeans, blue goggles, black gloves, yellow shoes with white stripes
Alignment and Abilities
  • Hero
  • None
  • Singing
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat

Super Forms

  • Unknown
Other Information
American V.A.
  • N/A
Japanese V.A.
  • N/A
  • None yet
Original Creator
  • User:VulpixPWNZ

Cerise the Ocelot (スリーズ・ザ・オセロット Surīzu za Oserotto) is a tomboyish, independent girl who loves adventures. She doesn't give up easily and always keeps trying. She is very random and weird, which sometimes creeps people out. She is skilled in Hand-To-Hand combat and singing.

Cerise's real name is actually Celia, but she does not like to be called this.


Early life

Cerise was much more relaxed and quiet in her early life. This is most likely because she did not have very many friends, and the friends that she did have did not talk to her very often. She quickly grew out of this and became much more talkative.

Present Time


Cerise is a tomboy; she dislikes to dress up formally and hates dresses and skirts. She is also brave and adventurous, and often takes risks, without thinking of the consequences she might face. She usually hates it when someone makes fun of her tomboyish nature, sometimes even making fun of them back by insulting their personality. She is very hyper and random, which often causes her to do strange things, like shout nonsense. She is not very shy and tries to talk to people very often. (Which sometimes annoys them) She hates it when people make fun of her, and will most likely say something mean back to them. Sometimes, she will even attack them if she is very offended. She doesn't like girly-girls and often ignores them, which only causes them to dislike her even more. She enjoys music and singing, and has been practicing her singing skills since she was very young.

For some odd reason, she likes scary things very much. So much, that she likes to scare other people. She is independent and does not follow orders unless it is for someone that she trusts. She doesn't like to be called her real name, Celia, because she thinks that it is too girly and that it doesn't fit her personality very well. For some odd reason, she enjoys beating up people...


Cerise's most powerful is her unique power called Cherry Bomb, an ability that only Cerise can use. Cerise jumps into the air and curls up into a ball with a red aura surrounding her and dashes forward and deals a great amount of damage to anyone in her path and lands on the ground, causing a shockwave. However, this ability takes away her energy, making her weaker when the attack is over, and has to recharge. The more energy Cerise uses for this attack, the more powerful the attack becomes. She has super speed like many other Sonic characters. However, her speed does not match up to Sonic's. She also has the basic spin-attack and spin dash abilities that other characters have. She is also very skilled in Hand-To-Hand combat, As she has been practicing her skills for years. She mainly relies on this skill to fight her enemies.


When Cerise's Cherry Bomb ability is used, her energy is taken away, making her weaker, so she needs time to recharge.

Cerise also is a bit hasty and often acts before she thinks, which sometimes gets her into bad situations that she can get herself out of very easily. Her Hand-To-Hand combat does not work well on some enemies, making them harder to defeat.

Relationships with other characters


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  • Sonic the Hedgehog (One-sided on Cerise's side, for unknown reasons)

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Theme Song


  • The word "cerise" is French for "cherry."
  • Cerise has many powerful (yet comical) abilites. Strangely, she cannot use these abilities in battle.
  • Cerise was supposed to be a hare. This idea was later scrapped.


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