Cerdas the Fox

Biographical Information
RelativesRapide the Wolf (brother)
Physical Description
SpeciesFennec Fox
  • Fur: Sky Blue, Black
  • Hair: Brown (can appear Blonde in the sunlight)
  • Eyes: Xanadu (left iris), Eton Blue (right iris) ~She has heterochromia
  • Skin: White
  • Shirt: Purple, no-sleeved shirt
  • Pants: White pants with rips at the knee
  • Socks and Shoes: White socks, Navy-Blue boots
  • Gloves: White Gloves with Green cuffs
  • Extra Accessories:
    • An Egyptian necklace that covers her shoulders
    • A "belt" (as she calls it), that is half-covered by her necklace. (further description is complicated to describe)
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsWind Clan of Khazri (medic)
  • Average Speed and Power
  • Above Average Agility/Flexibility/Accuracy/Stamina
  • Medical Expertise
  • Aeromancy
Other Information
Original CreatorUser:Sunny the Hedgehog

Cerdas the Fox is a medic from the Wind Clan of Khazri. She specializes in quick-witted/unexpected surgery. She has a brother, Rapide the Wolf, who is a scout in the clan.


Cerdas is very strict and serious. She is almost always seen working, and almost never seen wearing smile. She takes orders and work very seriously. Cerdas is a perfectionist, and if she sees a mistake in her work, she'll immediately do whatever she can to fix it.




Abilities and Weaknesses


  • Cerdas is User:Sunny the Hedgehog's first character.
  • Cerdas used to be completely different than how she was now. Her name was originally "Rox", and she was pink in color. Her personality was also less serious, and she was more careless.
  • The name "Cerdas" means "mentally agile" in Indonesian. It also means "intelligent".
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