Cquote1 Shabti! How dare you disobey me, you unworthy pile of clay! Cquote2
Cerci the Mongoose to her shabti.

Cerci the Mongoose (カオスマングース, or Kaos u Mangūsu) is a 14 year old mongoose and the host of Sēt.


Cerci is usually in a bad mood, she's pessimistic, and quite brutal. She doesn't seem to understand emotions very well, making some of her comments quite brutal, offensive, rude, and in some cases, sadistical. Cerci is also anti-social, as she tends to withdraw from the world around her, and thinks that she will own it. Her negative behavior is most likely the cause of hosting Sēt, the Egyptian God of Chaos, and the Desert, whom acts the same way.

With Sēt inside of her, she tends to go into fits of rage when trying to regain control of herself, and her red left eye shows that she is half Sēt and half of herself, given by the blue right eye. She appears attracted to anything red, such as blood, meat, pens, and fire, which grealtly confirms that her mind being influenced by Sēt.

Cerci can be a bit vengeful when something bad happens to her or her cherished objects. Although half of her mind is evil and sadistical, she faintly understands love. When she is in states of happiness, she becomes slightly crazy, and when she smiles, it looks like she's going to kill everyone in front of her.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As a mongoose, Cerci has a natural resistance to Earth, Light, and Wind. With her influence from Sēt, she has gained resistance to Fire, Darkness, and Chaos. Her aid from Sēt has made her physically very strong too, and her sadistic behavior makes her enjoy hurting others. With her numerous amounts of elemental resistances, she is immune to a great deal of elemental damage, making a fight with her very hard to win.

Despite elemental attacks won't work, Cerci's slow reflexes make it hard for her fight in hand to hand combat. She normally uses her magic abilities to aid her in combat, and if not, she uses the Scepter of Was, or a Khopesh, a curved sword.

Occasionally, Cerci will go into uncontrollable fits of rage during battle, and this is because Sēt is attempting to control Cerci, and she is fighting for control. In some cases, Cerci will wear an eyepatch with the Eye Of Horus on it, so she can be protected by the Desert Lord's arch rival. Although Cerci is presented with so much power, she doesn't use it to its full potential, so she can retain control of her mind.


Being the host of Sēt, Cerci has power over Chaos, Fire, and Darkness. Because she is a magician, she can cast spells on her opponents, and with control of Chaos, she has access to Chaos Control, and with Darkness, she can put fear into the enemies' hearts, and with Fire, she's capable of scorching whole cities. Although she commonly uses magic, her elemental capabilites help a lot in battle.

Here is a list of Cerci's most commonly used attacks;

Chaos Based Powers

These are powers based on Cerci's Sēt influence, they are normally powers related to chaos control.

  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Spear
  • Chaos Blast
  • Chaos Shield
  • Chaos Storm
  • Chaos Rift

Fire Based Powers

These are powers based on Sēt's chaos powers.

  • Fire Dissipation
  • Fire Ball
  • Fire Blast
  • Fire Shield
  • Fire Storm
  • Fire Cyclone

Darkness Based Powers

These too are powers based on Sēt's chaotic powers.

  • Dark Void
  • Dark Beam
  • Dark Rays
  • Dark Barricade
  • Dark Strike
  • Dark Rift

Alternate Forms

Cerci has some alternate forms from either another universe, or from enduring too much stress or power.

Cerci - (Order)

In this universe, Cerci is in control of herself, and appears to control Order, rather than Chaos. She has both of her eyes being blue, and acts optimistic and positive. She seems to have a growing interest in the real Cerci, but has a disliking to her chaotic element.

Cerci - (Chaos)

In this universe, Sēt seems to be in control of Cerci, and her powers of Chaos are heightened. She has two red eyes, and is more pessimistic and negative than the real Cerci. She also seems to be thoroughly sadistic, and constantly tortures others for amusement. She seems to hate the real Cerci, but sticks around her for her own reasons.

Cerci - (Shabti)

Cerci's shabti is a clay figure in the shape of herself, that is magically alive and serves Cerci. This shabti however is disliked by Cerci and constantly killed by the real Cerci in disappointment. As a shabti, shabti Cerci is a bit sneaky, and wishes to be the one ordering the real Cerci to do her bidding.


0 to 5

Cerci was raised in Möbēgypt by a poor family, they had a job and where forced to work all day and all night, giving Cerci little time to be with family. Instead, Cerci went out and explored the world around her, all alone, without any friends. This is one reason why Cerci is okay with being alone.

6 to 8

Cerci was running around in the middle of the desert, and found something quite strange. It was a long black scepter with a jackal head on the end of it, she simply took it away with care, not knowing it belonged to Sēt, the Egyptian God of the Desert.

9 to 12

Cerci had worked as a maiden at a rich man's house. This man had viewed Cerci with the scepter and found it suspicious. He began to follow her and try to take the scepter from her, knowing how dangerous it was, but it was no use, one day, Cerci came to see her parents and accidentally knocked the scepter out of her hands, and a man in red formed from a pile of sand, it was Sēt, and he wanted his scepter back.

13 to Present

Cerci fought for her scepter, and finally, she managed to take the scepter out of Sēt's hands, and after days of battling, Sēt was impressed by her endurance, and ended up taking control of her, but the rich man wasn't just any rich man, he was a magician, and he took his magic and banished most of the Chaos God from Cerci's mind, but Sēt's invasion influenced Cerci's mind, and pieces of Sēt were left behind. She decided to join the rich man, and became a magician as well, as she now battles the power of Sēt to return herself to what she once was.


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Sēt has been Cerci's enemy for nearly one third of her life, she's been cursed to be in forever control of him, and fights it nearly every day. The fighting has made her left eye red and seems to be the only link to Sēt. It is shown however, that Sēt seems to care for Cerci, as he's willing to rescue her from death, and claims he is sorry for cursing her at times.


  • The name Cerci comes from the Greek demigod magician, Circi.
  • Cerci's last name, Desaharah Bewodi, is Latinized Arabic for desert dweller.
  • Cerci's story was inspired by The Kane Chronicles, by Rick Riordan
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