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This is an article about Cerah May, a character created by SapphireFlower64 on 12/18/2015.

Cerah May is a female, anthropomorphic Kitsune Wolf who was born in the small town of Darkwood. She was one of SapphireFlower64's characters before being adopted by WaterKirby1994. Her theme is the 4th Inuyasha Intro "Grip!".


Cerah has light blue eyes, silver fur, a fox tail, wolf ears, & spiky banged, strawberry blond hair. She normally wears a leather jacket over a white blouse with a blood red tie and black skirt, which she wears with black boots. At age 18 she normally wore a blue suit with a purple tie & purple skirt. Cerah May's fox tails usually emerge above her skirt.

Her usual civilian clothing is essentially the dress Roxanne wears in the Pokemon Hoenn Remakes. She also wears a purple version of this dress with a blue tie. During festivals she usually wears either a black or white Kimono, although she has worn purple in the past.

On formal occasions she wears a dress much like Vanilla's only blue where her dress is red & cyan where it is purple. She also may wear a cyan tuxedo with a lengthy cyan skirt.

Her Superform has Dark Pink eyes, her fur starts to turn a pale pink, surrounded by a powerful cyan aura. Her clothing keeps its normal coloring while in this form.


Upon first meeting, Cerah would seem like a giggly, sociable girl. However, this is a subtle mask to hide her true, antiheroic personality. She is quite intelligent, however that vanishes when she becomes angered or gets involved in a fight, which happen fairly often.

She is mentally unstable and delights in battle. Before meeting Yume she would often laugh silently at the expense of others caused by her. Whether using her telekinesis to lift skirts, or throw things like cans at people who would never suspect her. Cerah has relatively few friends due to her mental instability.

The color pink would remind Cerah of her mother, as a result she has mixed feelings about it until she is 19. She would start to become more mentally stable the more she is with Yume. Often she will lift Yume's skirt using Telekinesis in response to being hugged in an awkward way. Cerah May is not the type who would swim or wear anything revealing.


Cerah May was born into a powerful family that had accumulated a considerable amount of wealth saved up over generations in the year 2018, however after her father's death Cerah May's mother started working as a secretary in Station Square. When she was 15, Cerah May was driven insane by the Perfect Chaos incident in Station Square. Losing her closest friends as well as her mother that day, gave Cerah a deep hatred towards Chaos. She would remain alone because of her emotional instability, although would have enough resources to survive comfortably for the next 4 years.

When she was 18, Cerah became friends with a Kitsune Rabbit named Yume while learning about her Kitsune Powers in Japan. Cerah started working as a secretary at the age of 19. At the age of 21 she would receive angel blood from Ramiel to fight against Sauriel. When meeting Leliel & seeing Yume terrified of the earthquakes she creates, Cerah May proceeds to attack Leliel, only to watch her transform. Upon learning of her true sadistic nature known as Cerubiel, Cerah May admits that Leliel is far worse than Chaos & shouts "Cerubiel I'm going to make sure you die today!" Cerah May & Ramiel killed her by blasting an oil tanker truck with lightning when telekinesis forced it between the Kaiju Angel's Jaws, burning Cerubiel to death from inside. Ramiel reincarnated Leliel into the city she had just destroyed, & Cerah May took delight when learning that her enemy would feel pain every time part of the city was damaged. She then used her telekinesis to bend a street sign & straighten it back into place, so that she could inflict slight pain on her defeated enemy just once.

Quest to Recover Yume

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One power Cerah has is telekinesis, the ability to manipulate objects around her with the power of the mind. While it is fairly powerful, Cerah rarely uses telekinesis in combat, instead preferring to use different methods, however she will use it when necessary and as she fights stronger opponents with her teammates she starts to use this power more in combat.

Cerah also has hallucikinesis, the ability to manipulate illusions. It is relatively weak compared to her telekinesis; as such, Cerah only uses it to either create illusions or cause hallucinations.

3 Tailed Form

After meeting Inari on her quest to bring back Yume, Cerah May is given this form as a gift. This form grants pyrokinesis to Cerah, Doubles her speed, & Triples her physical strength. Her other kinetic powers are enhanced as well, with Telekinesis being doubled, & her ability to produce illusions being Quadrupled while in this form. While she can enter & leave this form at will, prior to growing her 2nd permanent tail, this temporary form would almost double the rate at which she exhausts herself during battle.

Temporary 6 Tailed Form

By praying to Inari for more power than her 3 Tailed Form, Cerah May is ascended to this 6 Tailed Form. Doubling her Kinetic Powers from the previous form (with the exception of Pyrokinesis which is Quadrupled), as well as again doubling her speed in addition to her physical might. She gains the ability to enter this form by praying to Inari soon afterword, however this form heavily exhausts her.

Temporary 8 Tailed Form

By Praying to her ancestors for more power while in her Temporary 6 Tailed Form, Cerah May is granted this form, which further boosts her power, however fighting in this form is painful & leaves her comatose. The 1st time Cerah uses this form she is left comatose for 3 days, & she doesn't like using this form because of these side effects, only using it as a last resort.


Cerah May is able to fluently speak Japanese (she can't fully read it though), & English.


Emotional instability & having her fox tails squeezed.




Yume Paradisia: (Best Friend & Teammate)

Ramiel (Friend & Teammate)

Mia Brilliare: While originally a rival, they start to view eachother as friends while on their quest to bring back Yume.

Neutral & Rivals

Zuriel: While originally an opponent of hers, she doesn't know what to think of Zuriel after he is reincarnated.

Mercury: Cerah May respects her, yet finds her arrogance slightly annoying & doesn't fully trust her.

Lapis Miyamoto: Cerah finds her annoying when they first meet & thinks of her as a rival because of them both being Kitsune Wolves with Telekinesis.


Chaos (object of hatred)

Leliel (Being far worse than Chaos)

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