Cepheus the Cat
Unknown village on Mobius
White shirt, brown pants, spike bracelets and spiked shoes
Black hair, black fur, blue eyes
Stardust, the forest, and nature
His Pyrokinesis, his past, and death
Pyrokinesis and visions of the future

Cepheus is a black cat with deep blue eyes and long black hair pulled back into a thin ponytail. He sports a buttoned white shirt and brown jean-like pants. His shoes are adorned with spikes, and he has two twin spike bracelets to match.


Cepheus is serious, to put it simply. He holds a tragic past that makes him somewhat of a loner, yet his heart is in the right place and his looks deceive all those who don't look past his harsh outer shell. He is a deep thinker, often thinking situations through without jumping into action. 


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Cepheus was born and raised in a small village by a forest on Mobius . As a young child, he was very different from the other children his age. He was born with the ability of Psychokinesis. The villagers he lived with had a strong grudge over fire. They believed it was a sign of evil and misfortune, and saw Cepheus as the living, breathing embodiment of fire. The many people of the village preferred to stay away from him as a result, leaving him feeling lonely and out of place. 

A few months after his eighth birthday, he started to notice that the villagers were no longer just avoiding him, but threatening him as well. His mother and father even began to threaten him, and Cepheus, feeling the despair and anger inside of him swell up, let out all his emotions, which brought the entire village down in flames. When the fire finally subsided, Cepheus was torn and hated himself for what he had done. He ran away into the forest where he could live secluded, for fear that he would hurt someone else with his uncontrollable flames. 

Special Abilities

Cepheus has the ability known as pyrokinesis, which means he can manipulate fire. However, he cannot control it easily, and it can only be summoned with strong emotional stress (anger, sadness, despair, etc.) He also has the ability to see into the future, though it is uncontrollable and happens at random.


  • Cepheus is named after a real constellation, which is named after a king of ancient Greek mythology.
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