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Unless in the context of fish, wild animals are rare to impossible to find in Central Toonada. This is mostly because this is the most modern state in Toonada, and most every part of the state is paved. Animals that do appear in Central Toonada are typically either the rare species of unnamed birds that occasionally fly from tree to tree, animals that roamed into the area from other states, or domesticated animals bought at the pet shops frequently found across Central Toonada.

Vegetation, however, is quite plentiful. Most of it is various forms of grass found mostly in Central Ground, the capital of Central Toonada and the nation of Toonada itself. Although this city is the most natural and eco-friendly city in Central Toonada, it is interestingly the most populous along with the most busy.


Central Toonada generally has a humid continental climate with cold winters and hot and humid summers. Without high mountains or oceans nearby to moderate temperature, its climate is alternately influenced by air from the cold Arctic and the hot and humid Sleepy Bay. Central Toonada's highest recorded temperature is 118 °F (48 °C) while the lowest recorded temperature is −40 °F (−40 °C).


Central Toonada was the first of the 6 original states to become a state in 1614. It currently is and has always been the most populous state, along with the state to have the most business. It is believed that there used to be a large amount of animals in Central Toonada before people began to highly populate the area, either forcing animals out or possibly killing them off. At a time in history, this state was believed to have the smartest people, as it was the first state to have its own schoolhouse. However, studies show that throughout the years, residents of this state have gradually gotten dumber.

When the attack of the Sprocket Baddies hit Toonada in 2003, Central Toonada was, interestingly, only lightly touched. The weakest Sprocket Baddies roam the streets of the state, most likely to train them as most people do not take the people here very seriously. However, this is also where the weakest Toonadians come to begin their training as heroes, saving Toonada from Sprocket Baddies.

Notable Areas

Silly Bleet - Only city in Toonada besides Lullaby Lake to have an equal distribution of all tribes of Sprocket Baddies throughout the city. Also noted for its silly name. This city has the second largest amount of business in the country, beaten only by Central Ground.

Punchline Place - Prank capital of the country. This city has the toughest Sprocket Baddies of the state.

Loopy Town - First city ever made in Toonada. This city has the weakest Sprocket Baddies of the state.

Central Ground - Capital of the state and of Toonada. Only city in the state to be completely vacant of any Sprocket Baddies. Has the most business, residents, and trainees in the country.


Central Ground Schoolhouse - First schoolhouse ever built in Toonada. It is used as a museum now, but is a tourist attraction for many.

Ye Ol' Strip - Located in Central Ground. The first bank, Toonadian Embacy, library, and Toonada Hall are all located here. Toonada Hall is very notable as it is the residence and workplace of the most famous Toonadian ever, Flippy. Flippy is also the mayor.


  • This is one of the few states not to contain any entrance to a large concentration of Sprocket Baddies. The other is Melow Dee.
  • This state has more firsts than any other state.
  • This state used to contain the Speedway Amusement Park. However, it turned itself into a new state in 1964, renaming itself New Spway.
  • This state can be compared looseley to Missouri or California.
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