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*Techni the A.I - Pure
*Techni the A.I - Pure
*Lydia the wolf - Half celestial ( Attained blood from a pure celestial )
*Lydia the wolf - Half celestial ( Attained blood from a pure celestial )

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Celestials are a race of very powerful beings that were born around 500 years ago , While most of them have either died off or murdered a number survived to this day. The celestials are also seperated into 2 groups known as Pure and Impure celestials and have and have features unique to themselves.


Orignation and SeperationEdit

About 500 years ago there was a tribe that surpassed the technology of their time heavily being able to create things such as androids and robots through their knowledge. The more knowledge they gained the more they did experiments and such. The orignation of the celestials began after a message was issued about people being asked to volunteer for lab experiments. Some volunteered as they trusted their tribe greatly as they knew that the scientists of their tribe had good wills.

The experiments were carried out with no problem and the scientists experimented carefully and gently as they did not want to hurt their test subjects. The experiments mainly consisted of bio experiments and certain mutation and power experiments. After the experiments ended the test subjects were released to roam freely and they were happy, The main cause being not single side effect was present afterwards.

The absence of the side effects did not last for long though and even the scientists didn't know why. After this the now extraordinary group who would be now known as the Impure Celestials were born. Taking the results and their newly gained knowledge into consideration the scientists tried to create raw and new life-form. This was succesful and they created multiple life-forms either they be virtual , physical or spirits. This new group who had surpassed even the Impure celestials in power would now be known as the Pure celestials

After some time of living with their tribe the Impure Celestials and Pure celestials decided to create their own tribe and moved out from their home tribe's settlements. While some stayed behind the others went away and made a tribe of their own that soon grew into the dominating tribe at that time.

The other tribes became jealous of the Celestials and started to reject them and despise them so much that it soon led to a The silence.

The silence Edit

The silence is the period before the Great celestial war that broke out.

In the time-span of the silence as it name implies most of the communication between tribes were cutoff and the tribes acted under their own secrecy. Some tribes started to steal information and send spies to other tribes to watch them and when enough information was gathered by almost all the tribes the war broke out.

The Great Celestial WarEdit

The Great celestials war started after a huge cyrokinetic bomb on the Celestial tribe. The leaders of the celestials got angry and started to attack the other tribes which urged the other tribes to march into war.

Some stayed back and let it go down while the other gained money through it. Some puppeteered others while some tried to stop the meaningless fight but finally it ended with only death.

The celestials were almost fully wiped out with only a few remaining. They soon had children and the status returned to normal but some of the celestials still died off. The war calmed down and the tribes understood it was meaningless of a war and that they were at fault , A treety was made and everything worked normally.

At the end of this period a few things tha happened are ;

  • A number of pure celestials died and only quite a few remained
  • Impure celestials also died but not as much as the pure celestials
  • The half celestials appeared

New ageEdit

The new age or otherwise the current timeline . The Celestials push on but the Pure celestial's numbers have decreased even further. The half celestials were seen more and the impure celestials were also seen but less than the half celestials.


They do not have any specific biology as they differ from one another , But all their physical , magical , speed and reflexes are far above average . They are also normally not a pure species as they mostly have hybrids now.


They are able to live anywhere as said before they are unique to themselves and prefer different things but their habitat is normally not fixed.


  • Pure celestials      - Rare
  • Impure celestials   - Very Uncommon
  • Half celestials        - Uncommon


While they as i said before they are unique to themselves . They can learn anything that is adapted to the way they were mutated or created.

They can excel at anything they practice at as their magical and kinetic compatibility are extremely good while some have powers unique to themselves.

They also have a certain power which enables them to create one weapon that suits them in their mind and project it in the physical world . Every celestial have these weapons and they can differentiate in every way. For example Ark has a Scythe weapon and another celestial has a katana . Kraze has a magical orb that enables him to use a multiple array of powers.


  • Ark the celestial - Impure
  • Kraze the A.I - Pure
  • Xile the omnikinetic - Pure
  • Techni the A.I - Pure
  • Lydia the wolf - Half celestial ( Attained blood from a pure celestial )
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