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The Celestial 13 are all born a long time ago in different parts of the world.Dawn was called to a strange land and accept to help it along with a tiny traveler.So she meet others who also have powers and they jornery the whole land helping it's people,and they all joined as one to defeat the lord of darkness and moved to the Divine Plain and sealed their powers to keep the world in check.Years went by and they left to find a meaning in life to which the traveled for years,till they got captured and brought aboard the Space Colony Ark,and befriend a scietist named Tsugumi and her assistant Willis.There the girls meet their future husbands and each dated them,Dawn even made friends with a black hedgehog and girl and soon from a testtube a black and white wolf was made and put in the care of Dawn and Koga.Soon,G.U.N came and they had to retreat to Earth and start new lives,each have a child of their own.Then soon,unknown things happen to the parents,leaving their children to fend for themselves,over the years,their children founded each other and made a team.Soon the kids found a whale and a penguin in their aldult years,making them extra members.Even they have kids who does the same as their parents.Together,they help protect the world and all who live in it.

1st Celestial 13 Members

  • Dawn-Leader.Power:Sunrise Animal:Wolf
  • Joy-Power:Rejuvenation Animal:Dragon
  • Mulan-Power:Power Slash Animal:Mouse
  • Roll-Power:Cherry Bomb Animal:Boar
  • Blossom-Power:Bloom,Water Lily,and Vine Animal:Monkey
  • Aqua-Power:Water Spout,Deluge,and Fountain Animal:Snake
  • Luna the Rabbit-Power:Crescent Animal:Rabbit
  • Windy-Power:Gale Strom and Whirlwind Animal:Horse
  • Ember-Power:Inferno and Fireburst Animal:Chicken
  • Misty-Power:Vail of Mist and Mist Warp Animal:Sheep
  • Mei-Ling-Power:Catwalk Animal:Cat
  • Stormy-Power:Thunder Storm and Thunder Bolt Animal:Tiger
  • Icy-Power:Blizzard and Ice Storm Animal:Cow

2nd Celestial 13 Members

3rd Celestial 13 Members

Base of Operations

The Celestial 13 base is located in a valley at the Divine Plain, which is a hidden island floating in the sky which can't be reach without special help. The valley is has green grass that glows just right, a blue river flows by their home and near them is a large cherry blossom tree which is protecting the island and giving it its life and beauty. Around the valley are some tunnels where the girls keep a check of the supplies and stuff that will help the island be beautiful after many years.

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