Biographical Information
AgeAgeless; born during the universe's creation
AliasCreator of Light and Dark
Physical Description
GenderConsiders himself male
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Omnipotence within the Neutral Realm
  • Reality warping within the Neutral Realm
  • Absolute control over all Elements, basic and advanced
  • Immortality
  • Teleportation
  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • All non-DNA based techniques from the Neutral Realm
  • All known fighting styles and techniques from the Neutral Realm
  • Interdimensional travel to and from the Neutral Realm
Other Information
LikesBalance, Serenity, Observing life and evolution
DislikesChaos, Imbalance, Needless and unnatural destruction of life
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu

Celestial is an omnipotent deity, and the "creator" of light and darkness. In this users fandom, he is the reigning deity of the mortal realm, also known as the "Neutral Realm".


Long ago when the universe was created, Celestial was born among the void as well. At the time, Celestial could not see nor find any other sentient being; he was alone. Alone among the swirling mass of ambient energy that filled every crevice of the void he inhabited. Celestial desired something: companionship, conflict, escape, destruction; anything to bring change to the eternal maddening solitude and silence. So Celestial began to learn how to understand, control, and manipulate the infinite energy surrounding him. Eventually, Celestial made an astonishing discovery: the energy that surrounded him could be transformed and altered, even splitting it apart into the elements now known as Light and Darkness. This discovery brought an additional surprise: these energies acted as gateways to two other universes; what would become known as the Hyperverse and Putriverse. This in turn brought Celestial into contact with the beings Ka, the Great Wheel of Being and Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay. With the assistance of these two great beings, Celestial learned of the true amount of power he held over the endless expanse surrounding him, and they tutored him in the concepts of light and darkness, life and death, and much more.

After what Celestial called "numerous eons under the concept known as 'time'.", Celestial decided it was time for him to bring sustainance to his domain. Celestial had learned of the great differences between the two opposing beings Ka and Beur, and what they represented. Learning of the two extremes the Hyperverse and Putriverse represented, Celestial attempted to create a "perfect" universe, where these two opposing forces came together in unity. Unfortunately, even Celestial could not fully understand the two contrasting extremes, which reacted violently to each other. The reaction brought forth many other numerous strange and surprising essences to Celestial's domain. In addition, the energy Celestial originally controlled had been split apart into the Light and Darkness. With these two energies throughout the budding universe, Ka and Beur were both able to access this realm; and finally bring their fight into direct conflict.

Celestial was horrified; his attempts to create a utopian realm had brought great potential, but also brought these two great beings into direct conflict. At first Celestial could only watch as his mentors destroyed much of what he created, fearful of their power. However, the continuous destruction soon forced the fear to give way to rage, which forced Celestial into action. Facing both of them, Celestial used his control of the realm to defeat and subdue the grand beings, who were at a disadvantage outside of their respective home realms. With both Ka and Buer forced to listen, Celestial made it clear that he would not allow their war to destroy his home. However, Celestial could not remove their influence from his realm without leaving it as the void it was before. As such, Celestial demanded a ceasefire within his realm: Light and Darkness would be equal within his realm, neither having too great an influence compared to the other. If either made a grab for control at too great a scale, Celestial would put a stop to it. With Celestial's advantage over them within his home realm, Ka and Buer were forced to agree. With that decided, Celestial made another astonishing decision: he would not personally oversee his own realm's evolution. Instead, he would play the role of a simple observer, allowing the worlds to grow as it itself deemed fit, in the hopes that even he could learn from the lifeforms that would come to be.



Celestial is the reigning deity of the mortal realm, and as such is considered the strongest being within said realm. Celestial is capable of controlling and altering reality at a whim. This power allows Celestial to do what would otherwise be considered impossible feats, as well as full and total control over all elements, basic and advanced. Having spent eons upon eons observing the numerous worlds that inhabit the mortal realm grow and advance, Celestial is proficient in the use of ALL of the numerous techniques, fighting styles, and weaponry that has been born from these worlds. However, Celestial is incapable of using techniques that are based on DNA; this is due to the fact that he himself is not a DNA-based being, and cannot change his body to such a state. Celestial can however, mimic the effects of these genetic abilities, capable of using them as if he did indeed have these abilities himself. Celestial is also capable of freely opening portals to and from the mortal realm. However, Celestial is incapable of traveling from one foreign dimension to another without passing through the mortal realm first.


RP: The Fury Of The Elemental Gods

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