In case you haven't figured it out yet, this game is intended to be a horror game. As such, it has loud noises, flashing images, and is overall pretty spooky. (Well, at least it's supposed to be...) If you downloaded this thinking it would be great edutainment for your kid or something, don't let them play it! Unless, of course, they enjoy horror games.
(press any key to continue)"

Cedric’s Schoolhouse In Education and Learning, (which is also known as Cedric’s Schoolhouse,is a free-to-play video game.


This is the plot according to the game:

"Oh noes! School is out, but your friend has a problem! He left all his noteboos in school, but dosen't have time to get them, because if he does he'll be late for eating pracitce

To help him out, you have to go back in the school and find all 7 of his notebooks for him. It won't be easy though! Cedric loves challenging his students with fun trivia problem whenever he can! Each time you find a notebook, you'll have to answer some questions.

Answer all three correctly, and you will earn a prize! Find all 7 notebooks, and then exit the school to win!"

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