"We all have our faults. We all will break one day. I just have to hope it won't be sooner than later. So, chin up! The sun is shining, the moon is hiding! We don't have to be afraid of that day; I'll make sure of it."
—Cayo the Fox

Cayo Allen is a bright and cheerful twelve year old twin to Cade Allen, and has a bit of a pranking streak. He loves to play and cheer up others, but only those who know him well enough can see through his mask and see his real emotions that get hidden away. He is the second youngest brother (tied with Cade due to know one knowing which twin was born first), but soon became the youngest when Imre passed away, which left a big impact on his mischievous heart.


Cayo is a young fox who stands at the average height and weight for a fox. He has a strong build, but is still very lean. He is a light red, and the inside of his ears are white, and so is his muzzle. He has bright purple eyes, and a small triangle nose.

His attire consists of a white t-shirt with a blue diamond and green square aligned together with a red square in the middle. He wears normal blue jean pants, and purple tennis shoes. A orange scarf is often wrapped around his neck.


Cayo is a bright and bubbly young man, and is so innocent it could be mistaken for ignorance. He is an optimist at heart, and is always looking for the bright side. He is often used for comic relief due to his prankster like personality, and also often teams up with his twin Cade to pull pranks. He is also quite klutzy, and that can make him ending up breaking a vase, or something worse.

He also has a rebellious side to him, and can be very defiant towards his older brothers, and that can led to arguments, though he never takes them seriously.

Underneath his bubbly exterior, though, lies an uglier side to him. He views himself as the strong, optimistic brothers whose job is to make sure that everyone is happy and that he cheers them up when their down. This makes him less likely to openly show his true emotions, and no matter what always wears a mask of bliss and joy. To others he may seem an ignorant fool, but really, he's just trying to mask the real pain that he feels.



Cayo was born on the first of August, along with his twin brother Cade. He was quite pampered and cooed over, but often felt overshadowed by Cade, though if anything, Cayo was overshadowing Cade. Cayo was very social and would talk to anyone, even complete strangers, no matter how many times he's been told not to. He had many friends growing up, but remained loyal to his brothers and Cade.

Imre's Death

During soccer practice, Cayo and Cade received a call from the police, informing them that their youngest brother has been injured. They were about a good mile away, but that didn't stop them from sprinting off to see their brother, and they ran as fast as they had ever ran, while Cayo tried to stay positive and comfort Cade.

They arrived a few minutes later, but it was too late. An ambulance pulled up moments later, and Imre was pulled into it, and it left, with the lights on but no sirens. The twins have never been so quiet in their life.

One Month Later

Cayo still has his positive demeanor, and continues to pull pranks on others, but becomes concerned of Kasper and Tavor. Tavor can wear a mask, but Cayo can see right through it, though he never asks his brother about it.

Cayo and his brothers are first seen walking to the school they all attend, Central City Public, and are slacking off along the way. They meet up with Alice and April, and they start discussing the new crime lord, with April giving all the information she could. The bell rings, and they all scatter to their classes.

After school, Cato and his brothers are seen at the park, and he and Cade are flying a kite. In the background of Tavor and Isla's conversation, you can see them accidentally getting the kite stuck in a tree. It takes them a good couple of panels before they get it out, but the kite just lands into another tree, and they both fall in an anime like style. A little while later, Tavor says that they need to head home, and all of the Allens head onward

A while later they are seen going to bed, and Cayo argued that they should stay up, saying that he wasn't tired, but midway through his agreement, he falls asleep. They all head to bed, while Tavor stays up for a while longer.

The next morning at breakfast, Tavor proposed the idea of becoming vigilante superheroes. He explained that they could solve Imre's murder and also help others and not let history repeat itself. Cayo was thrilled with this idea, and agreed without hesitation. Kasper, on the other hand, was outraged that Tavor wanted to put Cayo and Cade in danger, and stormed off. Cayo wanted to follow to help, but Tavor told him to stay and that he'll go. It isn't until much later that his older brothers return, and Kasper agrees to help. They then decide to create the vigilante group, and their hero career begins.

All throughout the day they calculated where Mr. Gold (said crime lord earlier) will strike next. They then attack him during Gold's heist, but are easily beaten and nearly killed. They realize that their ridiculous costumes and weapons would get them no where, and so Tavor proposed that they head to Isla, which they do. Isla promised to keep their secret and gladly helps, modifying their weapons and giving them costumes. Cayo elbows Cade and slyly asks about Cades love life, and Cade turns a bright red.

The next day they hear rumors of their defeat, and Cayo tries to say back that they need to have more hope in them. They then spend all day trying to pinpoint Gold again and later that night, they ambush him. While they succeeded, Gold got away and they wreaked the city in the process.

Diamond and Gold Saga

While waiting for Tavor to get back from his patrols and patrolling himself, Cayo is first seen at a park sitting under a cherry blossom tree. He looks to be asleep on the job, but jumps up after Tavor radios him to go to his location at a local pawn shop. When Cayo arrives, Tavor is fighting Mr. Gold, and a new villan, who introduced herself as Diamond Bling. The rest of the brothers arrive, and attack, but Gold and Diamond prove to be a hard rival, and they escape while the brothers are beaten.

The next morning they do a little research in the mysterious Diamond Bling, and find out that she first started her crime in Station Square, robbing a bank and getting away. They find her real identity, and then have to leave for school.

At school, April bombards them with questions and wondering s about who the vigilante group really is, and they all become nervous wreaks, except for Cayo, who lies easily to her about them. Alice then decides that April should aet up an interview with one of them, and while April loves that idea, each of the Allens sweat drops, and tells her in vain that that's not a good idea. The class bell rings and they all depart.

The next time Cayo is seen is when he is sliding down the banister of the school to leave, when Alice grabs him and they go to a small janitorial closet. She asks him to keep a secret, and the scene suddenly cuts to the rest of the Allens wondering where he is, and Cayo appears and lies that he had forgotten something and had to go and get it, and Cade is the only one who suspects him of falseness.

At night, Cayo is seen patrolling another area in the city, near a monument of some old war hero, whom Cayo imediently disregards. Kasper suddenly informs that he found Diamond and Gold, and Cayo raced over there as Kasper was trying to disable Diamond. Cayo and his brothers help out, but while they are able to stop them from stealing a priceless gem, the Bonnie and Clyde duo get away.


Cayo, like all his other brothers, seems to have no powers. He is a simple twelve year old boy, and is perfectly normal in this area.


Cayo seems to have a strong emotional connection with Cade, and can sense when he is frustrated or any other emotion, even if they are not in the same room. He also has something similar to Spider-Mans "Spidey Sense", and can sense impending doom or when something is about to attack him, and that has thus been given the title of "Cayo Sense".


Like his other brothers, he has a variety of useful battle skills and other things.


His combat style is very unpredictable, and he often switches types of fighting styles during fights, and all of his moves are heavily modified dance moves. His defense often has him doing splits, and he occasionally moonwalks to avoid being hit.

He also relies heavily on speed, as he lacks much brute force, like his twin. Cade and him often have to team up, as they fight as one person and give as much damage as Tavor when they do.


He seems to use some sort of nunchuck-like staff that he uses whenever his fists won't work. The staff splits in half, and a secret chain appears and connects the two smaller poles to from nunchucks.


Although he rarely uses this skill, he is able to do so, as seen when he hacked into a computer system to shut off alarms. He usually leaves this to Kasper though, seeing as he views himself as the bron and not the brains.


His leadership and ability to create plans are very underdeveloped, but he possesses immense strength in these areas. His pranks often involve difficult plans and he is able to improve when they don't go quite right.


His rebellious behavior can cause tension between his family, and it often stems from him hating being told what to do and how to do it, as he has a hard time swallowing his pride. He is very prideful, and it almost borders being egotistical, and he has a hard time admitting his mistakes.

He also is actually fairly mixed in his emotions. He is always very bright and bubbly, but when he becomes angry, he acts very brash and on instinct.


  • "Why did the chicken cross the road? So he could get away from the foul play at the coup."
  • "Who am I? Dunno. Anyone you want me to be. I'll always be there for you, or anyone. I am Michelangelo."
  • "Alice... Sh-she's nice... I mean... I don't like her like her... Just... I just... Want to be friends. But I'll always be her man. No one else can take that from me..."
  • "Hi! I'm Cayo, Cayo Allen! Now that we know each other, wanna hear a joke? I promise that it's pun-ny!"
  • "Imre... Your death won't be in vain. We'll catch that crook, and put 'em in the slammer for a long time. I promise..."
  • "Alice... Don't cry. Don't let a little water stain your pretty face. If you want to go get some salty water, we can always go to the beach..."
  • "Have no fear! The great and amazing Cayo Allen is here!"
  • "Ooooh, you really should not have done that... This. Means. War!!!! LET THE PRANKING WARS BEGIN!! Let the best Pranker be crowned and may him win. So, obviously, you might as well just hand over the title to me now, and I'll spare some mercy on you."
  • "Hey! Guess what?! I learned how to pickpocket from Alice. So... While on this topic... Wheres your wallet... Heh."


  • Cayo was originally going to be a villain, and that he and his twin were sworn enemies.
  • There is a rumor that Alice is going to be killed, and that Cato will be so affected that he'll become a new villain that the Allen boys have to face: White Knight. His name could be a nod to Alices Alice in Wonderland theme.
  • Cayo hates grapes, but loves raisins.
  • Cayo is often called "the walking stomach". This is because he has the strange ability to eat as much as literally five grown men. Tavor mentioned that this could be because he has a very fast metabolism, and that he has some sort of medical problem with his stomach.
  • Cayo hates milk. This could be why he is so short, as most foxes at his age are much taller.
  • He also seems to be more perverted than his brothers, as seen when he first met Lady Emerald and stared at her chest.
  • He is the only character who did not pick their vigilante name, and instead Isla picked it out for him.
  • He is also the only character who refuses to swear, either using other words or actually somehow filtering what he's sayin, replacing the bad word with either a bleeping noise or ***.
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