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Caulder is an immortal madman who enjoys conducting "experiments" across all known fields of science and magic.

Physical Discription

Caulder's body lacks fat and relatively is slim on muscles. While this may make him sound like your average "skinny-guy", that isn't the case, he's unnaturally thin. The fact that he lacks many of the bodily tissues that normally fill out a person's frame renders Caulder's body looking almost like that of a living corpse, albeit he isn't rotting.

When it comes to coloration, Caulder's fur is a light silver-gray riddled with strange, blood-red markings. His hair is a pure white and his irises are an incredibly light blue-gray, so light that one may believe he completely lacks irises to begin with.

Caulder generally wears a white lab coat with a form of flexible, black armor unlike anything ever seen prior underneath and black pants. He forgoes shoes and gloves, despite the fact many of his "tests" get bloody.


Caulder is (as he says) "fascinated" by many, many things, including (but not limited too) emotions, pain, weaponry, the nature of magic, kinesis, destruction, the paranormal, the supernatural, the structure of the universe and playing god. If something catches his attention he wants nothing more to study and experiment on it in an effort to learn everything about it. Unfortunately for any living thing that happens to "fascinate" him, these experiments never seem to cease, and it is almost certain that you will wind up dead in the aftermath.

Caulder is far from obsessive over the experiments he runs, however, as he has an innumerable number that he could do at any given time. As such, if the intended subject of an experiment should manage to elude him he will allow them a "reprieve" from testing, during which he will turn his attention to another test for a time. This "reprieve" can last anywhere from 24 hours to over a full year, but said reprieve is always doomed to eventually end.

Where it comes to social interaction, Caulder is well versed in the arts of diplomacy, intimidation, persuasion and staying politically correct while still saying what he means to. He has a highly business-type (and creepy) air about him and he retains a professional tone in most instances, only breaking this when extremely pleased or angered.


Caulder rarely enters combat directly, but when he does he has been known to use a wide variety of unnerving, sometimes terrifying abilities.

First and foremost, Caulder simply doesn't seem capable of feeling pain. No matter what is thrown at him, he simply calmly sets the wound so it will heal properly and resumes what it was he was doing with no form of reaction other than possible annoyance. On top of this he can heal his injuries with astounding speed, no matter how bad they are. It doesn't seem like he can even die; he's been torn limb from limb on several occasions and has somehow rebuilt himself within a couple minutes of each incident.

In addition to being seemingly impossible to destroy, Caulder has been shown to be able to manipulate many of the elements and it is highly likely that he can in fact manipulate them all. As a rule, however, he does not resort to using this proficiency to avoid or block elemental attacks thrown at him, preferring to simply take the hit and pull himself back together before his assailant's eyes, knowing full and well that this will cause most to panic.

Next on the list of Caulder's abilities is the manipulation of his strange fur-markings, with which he may create weapons, tools or armor on the spot. These objects are otherworldly in design, looking almost like they belong in the hands of a devil than his own, and are virtually indestructible. Caulder may also make larger objects, like chairs or tables, or even larger things, like man-sized cages with his markings, though these take several seconds to properly make.

Finally, Caulder has been shown to have some measure of control over reality itself, being able to teleport himself or others to a desired location. On more than one occasion he has spawned portal into alternate worlds on the fly, and he has been shown to be able to manipulate the nature of matter itself. On one such occasion he turned lead into gold in order to win the favor of the ruler of a small, "third-world" country. (The ruler later regretted allowing himself to do business with Caulder, as his country was decimated by one of the scientist's bio-weapons.)


Caulder is the head of a private weapons contracting company known as The Indernational Defense Syndicate (IDS for short). Because of this, he has access to all of the company's tech and inventions, most of which are combat/war oriented. For a list of said weponry, look to the IDS's page.


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Romantic Interests

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  • This Caulder is based off a character of the same name from Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin
    • The origin stories of these two Caulders vary greatly, however, with the DoR Caulder being a clone and this Caulder being something else completely.

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