Caterina Diff
Caterina Diff
Voiced by
English: Maryke Hendrikse Japanese: Chieko Higuchi
14 (16 in Sonic Alliance)
Being the center of attention

Having absolute control over things/people
Annoying others
Being mean to others

Skimpy clothes

Things she can't control
Being ignored
Anyone she considers "different"

Being called ugly
The ability to grow her hair/nails (The Final Call)
Razor hairs (a single piece of her hair can cut through skin) (The Final Call)
Blonde wavy hair

Mole on the right side of her upper lip
Oversized head with wide eyes
Full lips
Very small nose
Short torso

Wears too much makeup

Caterina Diff (Japanese: Katurina Diffu) is extremely vain, shallow, and bad-tempered. She is very bossy, scornful, and tricky. She sees herself like a celebrity and doesn't care about everyone else, and will step on absolutely anyone, including her allies, to get what she wants. She even proves to be ungrateful, as she slaps Sonic after he saves her in Shipwrecked and generally dislikes Sonic and Co., as she considers them "freaks". She joins Lerich in The Icy Ridge, although Lerich isn't very fond of Caterina, Irrika has taken a liking to her.

Though in her earlier appearances, she's just mainly annoying, she has grown more psychotic and trickier in the later issues.

In the game, her cries in battle after being hit are much more characteristic of "yelps" and high-pitched shrieks than those of the other bosses, and are exclamations rather than reactions.

Acts of Violence/Malice

When Caterina was an active antagonist in the saga, she had committed acts ranging from just irritating to plain rightout evil and sadistic such as:

Video game info

  • I-Pink Cheerleading uniform
    • Weapons: Pom-poms
  • II-Black leather outfit
    • Weapons: Electric whip



  • Don't you even THINK about sitting around here!!!


  • Stop looking at me! I know it's hard not to be jealous.
  • Let go of me, you filthy animal!!

The Icy Ridge

  • What about you? You're so stupid you've still got your snow gear on!

The Final Call

  • [chasing Knuckles while using pieces of her hair to swing from place to place] Such a stubborn fella, this is fun!

Supposed Death

Caterina Diff's death takes place in The Final Call after she argues with Lerich, saying she'd never be second best to him. Lerich then knocks her into the ground where she presumably dies in the lava flow from the volcanic eruption near The Tenpai.

Appearance in Sonic Alliance

It has been confirmed that she is alive, and that she has been brought back through a loophole, as Shadow was after his assumed death in Sonic Adventure 2. It turns out that Eggman had been in the story all along and was never seen, and reveals that he had rescued her from death, but even he gets annoyed by Caterina at times. Her costume in this appearance is that of a French Maid's outfit.


  • Her character design almost mimics those of the Bratz dolls. The creator made it intentionally, as she hated their show on 4Kids TV, deeming the stories "Incredibly stupid" and said that all the characters in the show "looked ugly".
  • Caterina takes on the powers of Inuyasha's Yura of the Hair in The Final Call.