Skyhogs in the Funky Town Franchise are one of the '''DragonBorne''' subspecies native to planet Gaia. Skyhogs are anthropomorphic hedgehogs with large bat-like wings instead of quills coming out of their back. They either have hair or head quills which they style in different ways. Becky Archive, the main protagonist of the Funky Town Franchise, is a skyhog and is followed by a few other skyhogs.

Skyhogs are brightly colored their hair is a different color from their fur. Their wings are large and powerful so they can fly in great distances and at high altitudes. For this, they have strong, slender bodies, ears that turn at 180 degrees, and large eyes to help them see in the dark.

Their immune systems are strong and can resist disease and viruses, but are still prone to chronic bronchitis, cancer, asthma, and appendicitis. As they are believed to be born from a common dragon ancestor, the skyhogs may be born or obtain a certain power. It is highly rare that a skyhog should be born as a Mystic Being.

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