A person can obtain this form with Tai or chaos energy and they must tap into unbound powers from the sudden rise in Seven Rings. When someone perfects the usage of the Super Form, their Tai Energy levels will fall much less than it would when they hadn't, meaning that they could increase their own levels of Tai Energy at a faster rate than the rate of which Tai Energy is consumed, achieve something much more. When a person obtains a certain level of Tai Energy or a certain amount of emotional outburst, a person can, evidentially, obtain the Nwioq Form without the usage of the Gems of Gu. As with other form, the user remains invulnerable, has flashing lightning bolts around them, leaves an afterimage when flying, can breathe underwater, and also use a forbidden move passed down from ancient warriors.

Much like the Super Form, a person who taps into this form the first time will find it easier in subsequent uses, although the Nwioq Form still remains very hard to achieve. When a person achieves an Nwioq form from seeing someone about to die, their personality undergoes a drastic change; they become much more fierce, aggressive and vicious in nature. When someone from the Huqani Clan becomes their Nwioq form, their hair and body starts to flash all colors of the Master Elements known to the Huqani Clan members. During this, the user begins to calm down much more than in their first transformation, maintaining their usual state of mind and personality.&nbsp

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