How it was Formed

The Necks of Orochi were formed when the Yamata no Orochi was sealed away by the gods that created Kamihime long ago so that one day it might be unsealed from its prison. The Necks of Orochi are divided into eight members that were born from the Oroch's eight heads. It is unknown how long ago where they foremed .


The main goal for the Necks of Orochi is none other than to resurect the Yamata no Orochi with the power of the seven kamui and grant it 20 diferent types of the spirit gene to empower the Orochi so it would be at full power. They also search for other power sources to be able to increass their own powers.


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The Necks of Orochi have only eight members who are the parts of the Orochi's heads.

1rst head Darkness/Shadow: Kankuro

2nd head Light: Lilith

3rd head Water: Kira

4th head Lightning: Yaiba

5th head Eath: Oni

6th head Poison: Chihana

7th head Fire: Muramasa

8th head Wind: Kazeko


Their main enemy is none other than the Kamihime Jiyuu no Faita.

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