The following are fanfictions created by the author INFERNOX (aka the user INFERNOX as well) for the fanfiction series involving Sonic.

  • The Sonic Chronicles series is a currently six-part arc, with characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Ratchet and Clank, and Kingdom Hearts inside it.
  • Heroes From An Old World is OC-based, and not all OC's are INFERNOX's property. Whenever their character bios are finished, their ownership values will be shown. HFAOW takes place during SC.
  • Chronicles Commented By Cosmo is Cosmo's story during Sonic Chronicles, which has events that wrap into HFAOW and SC for development of plot.
  • Sonic's Reality Check is a pure comedy series basing itself on internet memes, day-by-day insanity, and (As of Chapter 2, albeit hinted and not taken seriously) an actual plot. Characters involved here are all humanized versions of the Sonic cast, minus OC's.
  • Sonic X: For True Story is a 'what-if' fic stemmed from Episode 76 of Sonic X.

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