To obtain this form, one must find the Gems of Gu and harness its power. In this state, the person is able to utilize their Tai Energy or chaos energy to do almost anything but good they can breathe death from there mouth (only the Huqani Clan can do this), they gain super speed, greater strength, extrasensory powers, and element powers. However, when a Huqani warrior succumbs to their inner rage and anger, they have the power to transform into their Demonic Form, but they cannot transform with the desire to kill but with the need to murder. When a Huqani Clan member transforms into their Demonic Form, they must tap into the Gems of Gu and their marks begin to glow blood red, the color of anger and eternal rage. A Demonic Form achieved from attacking a friend/comrade, works like a Super Form except they cannot control their inner rage. However, a person in the Demonic Form becomes much more aggressive, vicious, violent, murderous, and fierce but they cannot control their inner rage which takes over the person’s body. When a Huqani Clan member attains their Demonic Form, their entire body turns black, almost like a shadow of themself, purple bolts of electricity erupted from their body, which was caused by the level of friction from their aura of Tai Energy.

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