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Biographical Description
Diet TypeCarnivore
Biome Range
Lifespan10,500 - 20,000 yrs.
Physical Description
Avg. Height
  • Male: 38-41 ft.
  • Female: 41-44 ft.
Avg. Weight6000 lbs
Body Type Bipedal
Coat Type Fur
Reproductive Information
Reproduction Method Allogamist
Gestation Period24 months
Offspring TypeOviparous

A Catdragon is a wild animal species.


All Catdragons are huge, but females are somewhat bigger. Catdragons resemble fur-covered dragons with feline features, most prominently noticeable in the face. They are prominent users of Spectral Magic and are also physically powerful. Despite their weight, they can fly easily on their huge wings. Catdragons usually move slowly, but when chasing prey or an enemy, they move quickly on all fours.

Their teeth and claws are extremely sharp, able to tear through titanium sheets with ease. They are heavily muscled, particularly their tail and upper body.

An adult male typically reaches 38-41 feet in length from head to tail tip, while an adult female can reach 41-44 feet in length from head to tail tip. There is little weight difference, however; adult Catdragons of either gender can weigh as much as 3 tons, or 6000 lbs.

Life Span

Catdragons have an extremely long lifespan, with no difference between genders. They typically live past 10,500 years, but some have been known to live even beyond 20,000 years.

Reproductive Information

Because of their incredibly long life span, the gestation period of female Catdragons is also quite long; 2 years, or 24 months. A typical clutch contains 5-7 eggs.


Catdragons are able to live anywhere, from deserts to forests, even in mountain ranges and in underground caverns. In fact, the only place they can't live is underwater.


Even before Lord Serpentius attacked and killed practically every Catdragon, they were few in number, but by no means endangered.


All Catdragons are carnivores, and they hunt their prey relentlessly. They eat every part of their meal, including fur, bones, nails, etc. Their stomach acid is able to dissolve all of this. Although they normally catch and eat live prey, they have been known to eat carrion.

Catdragons eat around 100 pounds of meat in one sitting, but can go for 3 months without food. They typically eat every other week.


Catdragons should not be approached at all costs; they are extremely vicious. However, an unusual personality trait in the females means that should they encounter any injured creature or Mobian, their maternal instincts will kick in and they will take it upon themselves to nurse the injured creature/Mobian back to health.

When females are building a nest, they become violently territorial. They let absolutely no one (aside from their mate) approach their nest. However, even during this time they'll retain their powerful maternal instincts, and habitually nurse injured creatures back to health in their nest.

Notable Catdragons

Turoka-Nukora, the Guardian of the Soul of Darkness and Destruction, is perhaps the most famous of all Catdragons, and is also the Queen of the Catdragons. There used to be a King, named Girgath-Feran (pronounced "GEER-gath"), but he was killed (along with practically every other Catdragon) by Lord Serpentius, Moloch and The Rottid.

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