Catano Arno is a male Mobian cat who appears as one of the secondary antagonists in Eli's Wonderful Life. While he and Eli J. Brown were not close friends, they were friends prior to Shad Markly's lies convincing Catano that he and Eli were never friends. Catano falsely claims to have always hated Eli and that Eli thinks he hates him because of Shad, but claims that he actually hates Eli for being annoying. This is false however as Eli doesn't think that Catano started hating him because of Shad, he knew for a fact that he began hating him because of Shad. The alternate timeline where Shad doesn't exist proves Eli to be correct as Catano in this timeline is shown to have no hatred towards Eli as Shad doesn't exist to give him a reason to hate him.


  • While the other people that turned on Eli because of Shad reformed either temporarily or permanently, Catano doesn't at all. He is the only one to hold this distinction.
  • According to writer, Eli-J-Brony, Eli had often times tried to get the help of his friends to get Catano to change his mind about Eli and to convince him that he believed the wrong person. However, no matter what Eli attempted, whether it being to make Catano try to prove if Shad was correct, making a deal with him, or saying he would do anything to be friends again, Catano refused to listen or stop hating Eli. Making him the most gullible of the people who fell for Shad's lies.
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