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The Cat Chao Garden is a large Chao Garden hidden within the hills of Greenflower Zone. It was founded by Elder Katler, formerly the king of a remote island that housed the Cat Chao race. The majority of the remaining Cat Chao all reside here, although it is open and home to other chao as well.


Like many Chao Gardens, the Cat Chao Garden is hidden from plain sight. It is located near the southern outskirts of Greenflower City, surrounded by tall hills in Greenflower Zone. It is only accessible through a hidden cave behind a waterfall, (unless one can fly or climb over the steep hills). Inside the damp cave, there are two paths: Straight, and right. To the right, there is a stone stairway leading to a large room, which serves as a parking space for Gizmo The Cat's airship. Going straight leads into the actual Chao Garden.

The Chao Garden is a large, spacious area filled with flowers, fruit trees, and other natural flora. Next to the entrance to the cave, there is a fruit stand being run by one of the cat chao, selling a variety of different types of fruit that don't grow in the garden.
On the eastern side, there is a stone fountain in the center of a pond, where the chao get their water. There is a sign on the fountain, asking people not to toss coins inside.
In the center of the garden, there is a rectangular platform, which is used for Chao Karate, announcements, and other public events. West of that is a wooden house, raised up off the ground to a watchtower-like height. It is the office of Elder Katler, as well as a lodging house for visitors and chao who don't want to sleep outside.

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

In Splice The Hedgehog, the Cat Chao Garden is an optional "city" like area that you could visit, and is an essential location for side-quests revolving around Kitty and Crystal. Visiting Elder Katler gives you the options to see and participate in events in the garden, (such as Chao Karate) have Chao Scrolls deciphered, and take a rest inside the house, acting like an inn. You can also visit the fruit stand to buy things for Kitty, Shade and Krysi.


  • In its appearance in Splice The Hedgehog, there are several cameos of chao from User:Smash The Echidna's SADX/SA2B chao gardens, such as Cloud, Mina, and Rafeal.
  • Since it is well hidden, and was founded fairly recently, few people actually know of its existence.
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