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This structure belongs to the SSU.

The Castle of Satellites is the former base of operations for the SSF and home of 8 Solar System Family members. It has many defense mechanisms and is virtually indestructable to all forces.

List of Residents

  • Moon the Hedgehog
  • Charon the Hedgehog
  • Ganymede the Echidna
  • Titan the Chameleon
  • Titania the Chameleon
  • Miranda the Meerkat
  • Sao the Wolf
  • Rosalind the Wolf
  • Sun the Hedgehog (formerly)

Defense Mechanisms

  • Turrets
  • Automatic Arrowguns
  • Manual Arrowguns
  • Wall Squishers
  • Shang-Hai Swap-A-Do Theatre*
  • Robotic Drones


  • The Castle of Satellites is the capital of the United States of Satellites.
  • The Castle of Satellites is the most hidden capital in the USS.
  • The Castle of Satellites is rumored to have 10 beds and 80 Security TVs (8 for one person, representing North, East, South, West, Northeast, Southwest, Northwest, and Southeast), because of an earlier (and still existing) rumor of having 10 residents instead of 8.


  • The Shang-Hai Swap-A-Doers job is to distract intruders. This is the plan:
  1. A robot lures the intruder into the theatre.
  2. Than, a movie plays with a kid using a Shang-Hai Swap-A-Do to get a girl to date him.
  3. The film's music controls the intruder making them watch the movie (the movie's 2 minutes long).
  4. After the movie, the floors retracts and the intruder falls into a hidden vent where they are blown so hard, they're tossed miles away from the castle.
  • The reason Sun doesn't live in the CoS is that she has the ability to transcend her corporeal form and go back to the Sun, while hiding her body so that she wakes up in safety. Also, only Sun knows the location where she plants her body.