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This is an article about Cassy the Echidna, an adopt made by TeamSuperNova35 on DeviantArt and adopted by Spyken (Emidikun on DeviantArt).

Cassy is an echidna from the future and one of Kyxen’s childhood friends. She is currently wandering with Carson the Hedgehog.


Cassy is a purple echidna with pink dyed hair. She wears…..


Cassy is a kindhearted individual. While she may display signs of snobbism, there is a genuine nice girl behind it. When she was still in high school, she was usually the one to mediate between her two best friends Kyxen and Angela. Also, between Kyxen’s self-built emotional wall and Angela’s outright superiority complex, the somewhat snobbish Cassy was the most approachable of the three. She has a tomboyish side, due to growing up with three brothers, but does her best to hide it.


Early life

Cassy grew up in a loving family of four kids. She was born third and was the only girl, which caused her to sometimes get what her brothers call princess treatment. Despite this all of them got along. The family finances were not the highest, her father worked in a mine and her mother sold self-made clothes, but they did with what they had.

However it so happened that the mine had to be shut down. This was due to the disregard of the site by the higher-ups, who always demanded more and more mining, causing the site to be on the verge of collapse. This was a huge blow for the family, as the father’s income was the highest. Wanting to keep his family fed, the father started looking and applying for new jobs, but none deemed him qualified enough. This until a certain company approached him with a deal.

There were rumors of Veruda Canyon containing redomite, a very rare yet powerful mineral constantly emitting harmless radiation, which could be used for power. The company wanted to use it to power cars and other motorized vehicles. Nobody had made the trip yet though, because of how dangerous the canyon is. It was also rumored that the inside of the canyon somehow always changed. They offered him a nice amount of money if he agreed doing the trip and look for the mineral, and said they would pay him regardless of the results (but of course paying more if he actually found something).

Having become desperate at this point, the father agreed to this proposal and took some friends with him to do the job. After several days of careful mining, the father fell inside a hole which had formed from a recent crack in the ground. When his friends tried to look for him, he was nowhere to be seen. After another several days, they regretfully decided to abort the trip and tell his family his supposed death. They also planned to give all the money to them.

Luckily for them however, this wasn’t needed as the father emerged outside when his friends were almost leaving. They immediately called an ambulance and after everything was settled down he showed his friends his amazing discovery; a piece of rodomite. He explained them that he was found by members of a tribe with geokinetic abilities who constantly shifted the structure of the canyon to remain hidden, explaining the rumors. They all agreed to keep the secret.

Change of life

Following this discovery, Cassy’s father politely declined the company’s offer to work for them. Having firsthand seen what corporations can do to a mining site, he started a business with his friends that had come with him and made the company his client instead. Having made an arrangement with the tribesmen to give them access the rodomite to mine while he would give them food, his business quickly grew, greatly distancing his former workplace. He also hired many miners, mostly his former colleagues, to lessen the workload and make them alternate more. Following this he took his entire family with him and they moved to Veruda City.

Cassy was 7 when they moved and had at first some difficulties adjusting to her new life at school. While at first others were really interested in her due to being new and rich, she wasn’t really on the same educational level and was later bullied by the other girls for the same things that had gotten others interested in her. Even her teacher looked down on her due to thinking she was just lazy, not knowing Cassy’s background. Cassy kept all this to herself, not wanting to break her family’s newfound happiness. As she was one day doing exercises on her own and struggling, another loner came to her and said; “That’s wrong. You should do those two first.” Cassy looked up at a brown haired lynx who just pointed at her exercise. This was how she met Kyxen, who would become her best friend.

Strengths and Powers

High stamina: Cassy went to the gym with her friends every week, she did almost everything there, but really enjoyed the running. She also enjoyed swimming.

Slight superstrength: Also by going to the gym. Cassy was already strong by nature, and although it wasn't her main occupation, she also regularly did the regular workouts and some lifting. She definately is stronger than she looks.


  • Her only other real "weakness" is that she is not as powerful as some of her group members.
  • Pretty guys and clothes distract her easily.

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