Casino City
Casino park
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Location United Federation
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Affiliation United Federation
Tails: "This entire city is like a giant casino."
Knuckles: "The buildings and roads are all part of a pinball table."
Sonic, Tails and Knuckles at the city.

Casino City (originally Dessin[1] City) is a city most famous for, and so named because of, the Casino Park flying above. Its casino design was enacted by the council in order to boost the economy through tourism and the casino itself.[2]



Dessin City was founded by Lorcan and Lucille Dessin. Prior to their building of a small civilization, it was a huge stretch of grassy plains.

The small inhabitance soon grew due to the abundance and fertility of the soil. Within a year after its founding, Dessin City was considered for capital of the United Federation.

Economy crisis

"It is my job, as representative of the Dessin City council, to inform you that the banks have effectively collapsed. We are immediately working on fixing this huge problem, which is believed to have been caused mainly by the recent drop in tourists."
—The council representative to the public.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles at Casino Park.

The city vastly grew over the years, becoming a kind of metropolis. However, the banks collapsed and left Dessin in a huge crisis. The pollution at the time had also driven away the tourists.

As a way out of it, Casino Park was created in order to attract more tourism and boost the economy. The plan was a success, and it was furthered when almost the entire city was altered to look like a giant casino. The place was soon renamed "Casino City".

Shortly after, BINGO Highway was also built as a tourist attraction. It was largely successful.

Battle of Casino Park

Shortly before Metal Sonic took control of the Eggman Empire, Ivo Robotnik planned to take over the Casino Park to gain sufficient funding for his plans, though he later plotted to invade it for power purposes.


Casino Pawns attacking.

An army of E-1011 Casino Pawns managed to easily take control of the park, fighting off the Casino City Freedom Fighters. The city was largely unaware of this until Rouge the Bat reported it to Commander Abraham Tower.

A small G.U.N squadron was assigned to assist the Casino City Freedom Fighters in driving out the Eggman Empire and destroying the Casino Pawns. They were successful.

Local government

The administration of Casino City is within the power of the city council, headed by the mayor. The council headquarters is City Hall and the current mayor is Mortimer Southwark.

Policing in the city is provided by the Casino City Police Force, though the Casino City Freedom Fighters acts as the unofficial protectors. Sophistica Transport heads the transportation industry.


Casino City is located on a huge stretch of land between Rail Canyon and Grand Metropolis. The land was used in ancient times by rural families because of the abundance and fertility of the soil. In recent times, however, only a small amount of untouched land exists.

Notable residents

Behind the scenes

Casino Park theme.
  • Casino City could be seen from Casino Park in Sonic Heroes, and was a playable level in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing.
  • "Dessin" is, in fact, the French word meaning "art".


  1. The French word meaning "art".
  2. The park was purchased by the city council itself.
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