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Highly flirtatious and lecherous, Casanove Musaboru ("CAH-suh-NOVE moo-suh-BORE-roo") is a member of Hell's Hounds, a group of demons who serve Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay. He is the embodiment of the Deadly Sin of Lust.

Physical Description

Mobian Form

Casanove primarily appears in the form of a Mobian weasel. Standing a fair bit over three feet tall, he has a medium-length, pointed muzzle, medium-length, pointed ears and a relatively long tail that tapers down to a point.

His fur is primarily black in color, with an ash gray muzzle, chest and stomach. His hair, which is reaches a bit past his shoulders and is fairly straight, is crimson in color, and his eyes are cerise in color. He has a collection of pink markings adorning his body, and also carries his Symbol, the Pink Heart, on his chest.

True Form



"I'm greatly looking forward to this...~"
Base Stats
AttackGood -> Godlike
(at max Focus)
Spcl. AtkGood -> Godlike
(at max Focus)
DurabilityAverage - Superior
(at max Focus)
Spcl. DefGood
Other Stats

As Casanove's primary form is that of a weasel, he has all the abilities of that species, namely the strong bite, great agility and speed, and the keen sense of smell and hearing.

Like the other Hounds, Casanove can manipulate HellMagick, and uses practically every ability, but favors all of the offensive techniques, such as Wicked Claw and Infernal Sphere. However, he also frequently uses more status-based HellMagick techniques.

He is also able to travel between the Putriverse and Mobius, although this is energy-intensive, and he must rest a day before traveling again.

Unique Power: Obsessive Focus

This is Casanove's unique power. By continuously focusing upon a single target while in combat, Casanove is able to slowly increase his power against them, making him deadly in prolonged 1-vs-1's. As long as he remains focused upon the same target, both his physical strength and his energy will increase until they hit a powerful peak; his durability will increase as well, but his resilience doesn't get higher.

As his power increases, the markings on his body glow brighter, until they are a brilliant white with pink tinge at the peak of his strength; four, ribbon-like extensions of energy emanate from the Symbol on his chest, as well.


Casanove is also able to influence those who share his Sin, namely those who are lustful, obsessive and shameless. Those people who he is able to completely influence "gain" a Musaboru form, wherein they gain the ability to wield Casanove's unique power...but he also has control over them.

Naturally, some people may willingly give themselves over to Casanove in order to wield his power as well, essentially selling their souls to him. In this case, however, those people who give themselves to Casanove always have access to his unique power, and don't utilize a Musaboru form.

People that have been influenced by Casanove, or have given their souls to him;

True Form


Casanove is resistant to the Element of Darkness, as well as HellMagick. Focusing upon a single target not only increases his offensive power against them, but also increases his overall durability, making him more resistant to physical attacks; this makes him adept at tanking physical blows from his target's allies while still allowing him to maintain his Focus (so long as he remains focused upon the same target).

Illusory techniques that create after-images or non-physical clones do not break Casanove's Focus if he should happen to attack them instead of the real thing,since he technically hasn't switched his focus to another physical person.


Casanove is weak to the Element of Light. As his unique power is only effective against one target at a time, he suffers in fights against multiple foes; as soon as he switches to a different target, he loses all the extra power, often forcing him to ignore the allies of his target and weather their attacks, or risk losing his built-up power and becoming substantially weaker.

While his durability does increase over time as he maintains Focus, making him better at tanking physical attacks, his resilience does not, leaving him vulnerable to energy-based attacks.

Unlike after-images or non-physical clones, Casanove's Focus can be broken if he happens to attack someone disguised as his primary target, as it would be another physical person he'd be attacking, and not an after-image or hologram.

Friends and Foes








As the very embodiment of Lust, Casanove has been known to flirt with anyone he sees, and typically lacks any subtlety when indulging in his lecherous nature. Generally cool and collected, Casanove prides himself on being a suave smooth-talker, laughing off any rejections, but being continuously spurned shakes him up, often causing him to become more aggressive and brusque in his advances.

Positive Traits

Negative Traits

Neutral Traits



  • His name is a play on the word casanova, a term that describes a "smooth-talking charmer who has mastered the art of finding, meeting, attracting and seducing beautiful women into the bedroom". He is based around the trope of the same name.
    • However, Casanove is a pansexual, which generally doesn't fit the trope he is based on.

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