Cartoon Central is the oldest and most major part of Toon City. Many cartoon characters from North America and Europe live here. This is the area Erica Sakura and friends visit the most.


In a general sense, plants can be summed in two major categories: Fictional and real; either a plant exists in real life, or it doesn't. There's a good amount of both urban areas and natural environments.


It's generally warm area, although there are some areas that are cold and snowy or hot and humid. It tends to be based on the fictional city you're in and what time of year it is.


Cartoon Central is the oldest section of Toon City, as well as the foundation for its two other sections (Game World and Anime Downtown). It's also home to the major studio where many shows of all kinds are filmed, Toon Star Studios.

Significant Populations

The entirety of Toon City follows a basic rule: If it can talk or act like a human, it counts as part of the population. No exceptions.

Notable Areas

Natural Environments

Most characters from shows based in a natural setting come from these areas.

Urban Areas

Various cities are located in these areas, as well as portals and transportation to real life locations that some cartoons take place in.

Toon Star Studios

Toon Star Studios is a major studio where cartoons, anime, and video game cutscenes (as well as shows based on games) are filmed. It's located near the center of Toon City, but is still counted as Cartoon Central territory.

Cartoon Square

A section of Cartoon Central where all mainland areas are united.


  • Cartoon Central is the oldest and largest part of Toon City, as well as the city most visited by Erica Sakura and company.
  • There are three extras that were originally part of a scrapped series by YoungOtakuNerd. The series, called Gina Gator and the Marsupials, was about a team of cartoon characters who had their own show, but would act differently in their real lives. These characters are Gina Gator (who is very heroic and astounding in her show, The Outback Adventures of Gina Gator, but a total nerd in reality), Katie Koala (who is a stoic genius on their show, but crazy and hyperactive in real life), and Brandy Bandicoot (who is sweet and shy on the show, but is actually snarky and intimidating).
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