Carter the Crocodile is a character from IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions. He is one of Joseph T. Marley's top minions, along with Carson the Crocodile . Because Joseph is allies with Dr. Eggman , he is an ally to Dr. Eggman as well.


Early Life

Very little is known about Carter's early life, though it seems at some point, he became a minion of Joseph T. Marley, most likely as a child, though it is very possible it was against his will. Sometime prior to Sonic Fanfiction, he became an ally to Dr. Eggman and the rest of the Eggman Empire, due to Joseph forming a partnership with him.

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IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic Fanfiction

Appearances in Chapters 1-5

Carter first appears in the third part of Chapter 1, when Rouge sees him casually speaking with the bartender at Glimmor Jazz Club.

Rouge sits next to him, and they greet each other casually (even though they have never met), Carter having a slight flirtatious tone to his voice. Rouge notes that he is odd-eyed, and finds that interesting. After Rouge requests a shot of straight chardonnay, Carter pays for the drink, telling Rouge that a pretty lady should not have to pay for her own drink. Carter asks her if they met, since she looks familiar. Rouge introduces herself as the world's greatest treasure hunter, and Carter adds that he likes to do a little adventuring when he has spare time, but he is a busy person. Rouge asks him his name, and Carter almost tells her his real name, and looks distant for a moment, then lies and tells her that the alcohol, though he didn't have much, must be making him somewhat forgetful, and introduces himself as Clint. Rouge has the feeling that it isn't his real name, but decides it doesn't matter.

Carter then begins asking Rouge questions about her findings. While Rouge thinks carefully, he pays for her to have another shot. Rouge informs him she found a red emerald in an old castle. Carter asks her if that would be a ruby, and she tells him there is a difference. Rouge notices the refilled shot of chardonnay by her hand, and Carter informs her he asked the bartender for a refill. Rouge thanks him and takes a sip. She adds that she also located another one similar to it, and that she had paid a little kid to retrieve it for her, since he and his friends needed the money. Carter compliments her for being clever, and adds that it must be nice to have someone else do the dirty work for once.

Carter then gets a call on his cellphone, and excuses himself from the conversation, going into a corner of the room. Rouge can hear what he is saying, because shortly after he had left, she had put a hearing device on her ear. While Carter is talking, Rouge deeply suspects he was talking about the Chaos Emeralds they were just talking about earlier. When the call is over, Carter comes back to her, and tells her he has to leave, though it was nice talking to her. They shake hands, and he leaves.

Carter is seen again a moment later in a dark, shadowy alleyway, speaking with large, shadowy figure. He rudely asks if he got everything, or if he slept on the job again. Satisfied with the recording the figure had taken, they slip off into the shadows. 

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So far, it seems Carter can be very charming when he wants to be, first shown when he was around Rouge at Glimmor Jazz Club. However, this may just mean he is manipulative, or at least, fakes his charm, since it can later be presumed he was only charming with her to be able to pump information from her.

Another trait that is shown is that he is loyal to Joseph, first shown when he got out of the Jazz Club, he felt excited, and hoped that his boss would be pleased with him.

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Physical Appearance

Carter is 5'10" (178  cm), and 143 pounds (65 kg). He looks similar to Carson, though he is cream-colored, more muscular and healthier than Carson. His hair is black, and slightly longer than Caron's sometimes covering one eye. He is odd-eyed, having one golden eye, and one red eye.

Usual Attire

He usually wears a baggy, long-sleeved, black shirt, dark green pants, and black shoes.

Alternate Attires

In part three of Chapter 1 in Sonic Fanfiction, it is said he was nicely dressed when at Glimmor Jazz Club. An exact description of his clothing is unknown, but it can be assumed he was not wearing his usual attire.


Like most crocodiles, Carter has very powerful jaws, that can even crush metal.

Like all crocodiles, he is a skilled swimmer, and can hold his breath underwater for extended periods of time.

While Carter cannot run superspeed, his speed is above-average.



  • Rouge the Bat (Ally, depending on Rouge's goal)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Ally, depending on Shadow's goal)




  • In original concepts, Carter was suppossed to be a black hedgerabbit, and much more serious in personality.
  • He is not related to Carson the Crocodile
  • He is the only character in IncaIceBunny's fanfictions to have Heterochromia, or, in other words, the only character to be odd-eyed.
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