This is an article about Carson the Fox, a character created by SergeofFun on 07/30/2014.
Cquote1 I haven't forgot my dad's face ever since that day he abandon me, my hometown becoming a battleground, my friend dying on the same day my life was scarred. Now, I don't wish for vengeance, I fight for it! Cquote2
Carson the Fox


Carson has yellow and white fur with long red hair. Just like Tails, he has two tails. His eyes are turquoise. He wears white gloves with blue shoes. In his super form, he has golden fur and red eyes.


He is a witty boy who loves to fight. He can be cynical at times, but he is selfless and caring. He is stubborn when he faces enemies like Dr. Eggman. He also a sweet tooth, as he is usually eating candy. He also has a high metabolism.


At a young age, Carson was abandon by his father after his mother's death at the hands of Dr. Robotnik. Ever since then, he wanted to kill his father and Dr. Robotnik. He also decided to become an treasure hunter. He met Sonic and fought with him, but then decided to help him after some of Dr. Eggman's robot came and attack them. He later joined them. At first, he didn't get along with most of his teammates, but then he got along with them. At one point, Carson faced Scourge, and almost died, but he was able to stab Scourge in the stomach with a Chaos Spear. He also got in a relationship with Mina, but broke up. He also was able to destroy 40 robots in 1 day with the help of Ror.


Due to taking a special powder that increase your speed, Carson is as fast as Sonic. Other that that he has no special powers.

Special Abilities

He can use his two tails to fly. He also has enhanced senses, as he can here enemies far away.


Just like Tails, he is a gifted inventor and is very smart. He is also a guitarist, a mechanic, and a thief. He is also very good a hand-to-hand combat.


It's show time!- Carson about to face one of Dr. Eggman's robots.

Hello beauty.- Carson finding a Chaos Emerald for the first time.

Yay me. - About to face four Destructix member.

I have been waiting for this moment ever since you abandon me, you b@$!%@d! - Carson, about to fight his father.


  • Carson was originally called Decus, but was change to Carson.
  • He was born on February 26.
  • He uses his right hand.
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