Child of two long-term members of the Word of Kiritsu;' Carson Mercury has meshed right in with his parents' force and has already begun training as a navigator for transport aircraft and support member of Squad 17; hoping to one day fly one of the vehicles himself.


Carson's fur bears the patterning common to many raccoons, with the thick eye markings and banding. Where he differs is the base colors; with eyes patterned in a deep chocolate brown, while the lighter sections are closer to a golden tan. Even his exposed skin is somewhat caramel colored, often joined with an excited smile. He even has a long banded tail that often flicks people in his energetic racing. Even his gray eyes are almost always filled with an infectious excitement and longing to get out and explore.


Moreso due to the Word's fairly lax standards of dress rather than any early teenaged rebellion, Carson doesn't wear much in the way of a uniform. A simple grey avionics helmet with emergency air mask is his one tradeoff worn in the cockpit of his training flights, with his clothing tending towards the tight and controlled just as much for ejection safety as for show. A heavily faded navy T-shirt with a silver logo resembling a fighter jet and fairly tight black chinos make up the child's day-to-day attire, while he tops it off with a miniature pair of combat boots.


Carson was brought up in the Word by two Kiritsi, as most are. It's believed his lineage traces back to a western family which migrated to Kiritsu, hence the non-Kiritsi surname. He discovered his shadow powers at the age of 4 when he accidentally teleported into an aircraft that was arriving from the United Federation, accidentally setting off the fire alarm and forced the craft to make an emergency landing, although no one was hurt. Since then, he's had an interest with aircraft, hoping to one day fly one for the Word.

Carson did extremely badly in his physical training for the Word simply because he didn't bother, but excelled at anything and everything involving technology and piloting. However, after an attack on the word from Kabletech, a Delta Scenario was initated, resulting in him skipping his training and joining with Mammoth the Moth and Grainne the Hedgefox to form Squad 17 for the upcoming counterattack on Kabletech. However, not long before the battle began Carson found that Kabletech had bugged Blackpoint Ridge and knew the Word's plan. This lead to Mammoth creating a last-minute plan that ultimately turned the tide of the battle, although Carson wasn't with him and was naturally still inside the landing craft directing him through the complex Kable Enforcement base.

Since then, Squad 17 has stayed together, with Carson directing their every move.


Carson is laid back and rebellious, regularly disobeying orders because he doesn't feel like doing them or because he thinks his ideas are better. This is problematic when Squad 17 is teamed up with other groups for coordinated missions, but luckily Carson is pretty good at directing his team and coming up with better plans than his superiors. He's also a prankster, using his shadow powers to play tricks on others. These traits naturally means he's not well liked by the higher ups in the Word.

However, Carson's rebelliousness means that he is also quite reckless, and this combined with his lacking conbat abilities means he can cause problems for his team if he gets in the way. His role as pilot and mission control usually circumvents this, but he can still teleport.


Despite his youthful fascination with aircraft, Carson is believed to have what it takes to eventually be a pilot within the Word. He has already shown great skill and knowledge in cartography and navigation; assisting piloting teams as a third man on some low-risk flights and redeployments; always from within a [lip-type Military Transport. Indeed, the big spacious army carriers have proven to be a secondary home for the child as he travels with the mercenary band. His reflexes and cockpit knowledge are slowly being trained up to standards, with many expecting the boy to be a full pilot by the time he's in his early 20s.

This is viewed by some within the Word as something of a shame, as Carson has shown great potential within the world of manipulating shadows. He often pranks his elders within the fighting force by emerging completely from shadows before melding back into them, an almost instinctive skill at shadowtravel that some believe is tied to his natural abilities in navigation.

Of course, Carson's youth is also evident in his lack of strength in self-defense. Outside of his planes and his shadows, he lacks the patience to train in hand-to-hand combat simply because, in his eyes, "you don't need to box from a plane". This disregard has annoyed some of the younger piloting teams that he works with and espeically his superior Mammoth, but many simply accept that in time, he will learn his place and the value of self-defense training.


  • Carson is a fan of jazz, and is disappointed that Kiritsu has no equivalent style of music.

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