This is Rrfyggyyhyyhuythh's take on Carrotia.


At a young age, Carrotia's life was destined for evil. She was cursed with the power to drain life force through kissing, which she discovered when she kissed a boy she liked on the cheek, accidently draining his energy.

She was sent for a prison by her own parents and was feared for her power. However, she was eventually broken out by Witchcart and recruited to the Witchcarters.


Carrotia has a snobbish and sarcastic personality, but, this is a façade to cover her insecurities. Underneath her mocking of her teammates, she truly cares about them.

Powers & Abilities

  • Extreme Gear Skills: Carrotia is the best at using extreme gear out of her teammates.
  • Life Drain Kiss: Carrotia can drain the life force of those she kisses, though, she no control of this power.
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