"We won't hold back! HERE WE COME!!!"
—Silver and Carrie, before the fight

Carrie is a boss of Sonic, Gumball & Trolls Adventure, fought in the Branch's Episode's storyline. She is fought after Branch completes Elmore Highway.


Branch once again listened to Hollow's manipulation except for Poppy, and tracked Sonic, Gumball, Tails, Darwin, Knuckles, Amy and Cream down when Gumball was carrying Princess Allison. After a brief battle, Branch paralyzed Gumball and Darwin with his remote control, Gary, while Dr. Eggman and Rob imprisoned the princess again. As Branch prepared to finish Gumball and Darwin off, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, Carrie and Tobias appeared and broke Gumball and Darwin free from Branch's traps. In surprise, Branch mistook Silver as Hollow interfering with him again, but Silver corrected him. Gumball and Darwin thanked the black blur, the silver blur, the purple cat, the albino bat, the ghost and the sporty boy and continued their mission, while Silver and Carrie fought Branch in a suburban area in Elmore.

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Name Artist Length Music Track
[Boss] VS. Character Hideaki Kobayashi 3:39
Boss Vs. Character
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