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Caroline the Wolf (This picture is outdated, to be updated soon.)
Miss (Badniks)

The Operator

90 cm (2ft 11in)
Relationship Status
Date of Birth
Unknown date (Born in Central City)
Cyrus Frigate
Operator of the Eggman Empire
Sexual Orientation
Economic Class
Upper Class
Top Speed
Slow Runner (10-40 MPH)
Voice Actor (English)
Julie Ann Taylor (Tsubaki -Blazblue)
Voice Actor (Japanese)
Asami Imai (Tsubaki-Blazblue)
Unnamed Parents




Helping people

Giving mission orders

Listening to music
Not being able to walk

Failed missions


People making fun of her disability

People getting hurt


Caroline has black hair, light blue fur, her right eye is black with red pupils while her left eye is normal and her pupil is blue, she has a purple shirt, a black leather jacket, a grey headset, a grey wheelchair, robotic legs, greyish-purple shorts, purple shoes and a wedding ring on her right hand.


Caroline's attitude is usually based on how people treat her, if people respect her she acts kind towards them, if people give her a negative attitude towards her she can be quite short-tempered about it. Although she can be confidence and determine when it comes to giving out mission orders, assiting Cyrus while he's in battle, or when she is given orders from Eggman. She can also be aggressive when someone fails a mission order, or when someone makes fun of her disability. She can also be sometimes nervous and uptight during missions because she cares about the well-being of her allies. Nonetheless, she still manages to pull through in the end.


Caroline was born and raised in Central City with her parents when she was young and had some friends when she went to school. When she graduated from her high school, she then to University to study technology and engineering so she can become an engineer. When she was 24, she and her family were in debt and all her job wasn't paying too much to support them all. She then went around look for better but kept on getting rejected or didn't pay enough. She then went to Ingilend hoping to find a new job, but unfortunately, her legs got crushed by a fallen tree when she was looking around. The Ingilend Egg Army Units took noticed to the sound of the tree and notified their leader, Cyrus, to see what it was. When Cyrus and a few Units arrived at what happened to find the Mobian Wolf unconscious and intently bleeding. A few of the units wanted to shoot her and put her out of her misery until Cyrus intervene and saying that he wanted to help her out in case she might be useful. When she woke up, Cyrus was standing beside the bed she was in, Cyrus then explained what happened and that he had to cyberized her legs to stop the bleeding, the only problem is that she can no longer walk since Eggman is the only one good enough when the cyberization process can fix the problem while Cyrus didn't have enough time to go to Eggman to fix it so Cyrus had to do the process but only stopped the problem rather then fixing it and thus resulting in her having to live her life through a wheelchair. Caroline then thanked Cyrus for his attempts but wondered why he did it in the first place. Cyrus then explained to her that the Eggman Empire wanted to make Mobius better by giving cybernetic enhancements but the Mobians prevent their goals. This didn't really convince her but he did convince her that Badniks aren't that bad when you get to know them better and she was given a wheelchair and had to be taken care of with some assistance of a few Egg Pawns that sometimes screw up.  A few months later, Caroline was kinda getting used to living in the Ingilend Egg Army Base and Cyrus then assigned her to be the Operator, Navigator, and Computer Specialist for the Ingilend Egg Army. A few weeks later, Cyrus then decided to ask Caroline out on a date but was kind of shy admitting it, She said yes so they can get to know them better, 2  years later, Cyrus and Caroline are now engaged and Cyrus is now taking care of her and she gets treated more better compared to the other Badniks.


She uses a hand gun and a built-in defense system in her wheelchair that she only uses when defending yourself.


She is really good when it comes to using and repairs computers and other technologic stuff.


She isn't a good fighter, can't use her legs to walk or kick and without her weapons she has a very low defense.

Basic Stats

Agility - 1/10

Speed - 2/10

Strength - 2/10

Defense - 7/10

Evasiveness - 0/10

Dexterity - 5/10

Intelligence - 7/10

Skill - 6/10



Some members of the Eggman Empire

Iyro (Brother-in-law)

Cyrus (Fiancé)

Her family


People who threaten her or her allies

Main Theme

Izzy Glow, Theme song, (Megaman X5)

Izzy Glow, Theme song, (Megaman X5)

Battle Theme

Dead Rising 3 Soundtrack - 05

Dead Rising 3 Soundtrack - 05. Gluttony Battle (Darlene Psychopath Boss Battle Fight Theme)

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