Carnage the Hedgecat
Carnage the Hedgecat
1.7 meters
Domination, manipulating
Special powers
Chaos powers(normal form), cryokinesis(Blizzard form), pyrokiensis(Inferno form)
Ability type


A hedge cat that once wanted to dominate his own and his mother's dimension. He believed that his parents are the strongest people ever, and as such he has developed a superiority complex. Anyone that isn't of Blaze's or Shadow's lineage, didn't exist to him. For those that are, he treats with respect, though he only treats his full-siblings like equals to himself. However, since his "rebirth" as Carnage, he saw some of his previous, cruel behaviors to be a waste and discarded them. He's even opened up to a relationship with Jane the Bat.


He can transform into two other forms other than his normal form. His normal form, can use an array of Chaos powers from his father. His "Blizzard" form, allows him to use his cryokinesis he acquired from the Flux. His "Inferno" form allows him to use pyrokinesis from his mother. With enough Chaos Emeralds, he can divide into both forms, or merge the two and use all three powers at once.


As Freeze, he was a very strong as well as smart person when he was younger, and had expressed this power constantly upon his brothers. The only one that he always had trouble fighting in simple physical combat, was Drake the Hedgebat. This made Freeze value Drake as Freeze increased his sinister mind and supremist attitude. With Drake's help, Freeze had sent Surge the Hedgehog into the past, in the hopes that Surge would die, because both Freeze and Surge are what Freeze calls, "Flux Babies", or persons that have been affected by the "Life Flux", created passively along with the creation of Shadow the Hedgehog. Unfortunately, Surge had survived to come back hard with avengence, in the form of Blackout. Knowing that Freeze couldn't defeat Blackout/Surge, he escaped by dropping himself into an acidic pool. Later, he was reborn as a black hedgehog calling himself Carnage. He is currently either with his brothers or his girlfriend.





Theme Songs

  • With Me by All Ends


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