Carmen the cat  is a sonic oc created by the user ponypainter09


Carmen was born emotionless,her father hated her cause of it,her mother and 2 sisters didn't care,one night her mother left cause of Eggman,after that her father started making a robot suit for himself,one day Carmen was in the park with her sisters at the age of 5,her father came out of nowhere and piloted to force in emotions to Carmen,but due to her powers(that are stronger than any science experiment and power strength level being over 1200)he failed,days later she meet her stepmother who was on her side, days later her father tried a second attempt to force emotions into her but it relay dug him in that time,one of her sisters called the cops and her father got arrested,a few days later she meet her half sister,her heart literally filled with life,she felt more alive when she meet her

more coming soon


similar to Heather,her name is based on the alliterated names from the Peppa Pig tvshow

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