This is an article about Carmela the Vampire Bat, a character created by Bitbyte1214.


Carmela lives with her servant and little sisters in the Borgia Manor. She tends to be a light eater; when she drinks blood, she doesn't drink as much as other vampires do. She enjoys eating desserts, and hates spicy and sour foods. Carmela is known to love drinking sake and wine.


Carmela has short, light violet blue hair and bright red eyes. In her human form, she wears a red vest over a faint pink shirt, and a red skirt. She wears socks on her feet. She looks like a child around the age of 10, and her height and weight contribute to this as well. Because of her weakness to sunlight, she carries around a parasol if she wants to visit somewhere and is daytime.


Carmela is arrogant and self-centered, only caring for herself. She likes to play tricks on others and toy with them. She tries to act tough and 'cool' around other people, attempting to intimidate them. As a liar, she tends to make a lot of false claims. However, she is truly a coward, and is afraid of many things.



As a vampire bat, she is mostly active during the night. She has exceptional flight abilities, and can manipulate darkness as well. Carmela is weak to sunlight, and thus surrounds herself in a sphere of darkness or carries a parasol with her. As she can manipulate blood and darkness, she can create spears to launch at anyone who fights her. Hailing from a long line of spell card masters, she has learned to harness the power of spell cards. Coming in contact with her fangs is deadly to most organisms, as her sharp teeth are laced with poison; if sucking the victim's blood doesn't kill them, the venom should.

Blood Abilities

Dark Abilities

Poison Abilities

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