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Carlo the Hedgehog is a


A slim, muscular hedgehog, Carlo has green fur over the majority of his body and white hair kept to military-trim requirements across his head. His eyes are silver, and often reported as "glinting" when he offers a laid-back smile.


Despite being a member of the G.U.N. Seventh Naval Fleet, specifically an officer on a support vessel, Carlo wears a set of clothes more in-line with casual clothing than a true military uniform. Similar to his captain and the rest of the crew aboard the Orca, his "uniform" consists of a hooded, urban-camouflage pattern jacket, rough gray woolen scarf, gray-washed jeans, black leather boots and a pocket gas mask to be worn when required. The lack of uniform aboard the oil tanker is believed to be due to the Seventh Naval Fleet's lack of care about the appearance of their support forces.


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Carlo is a trained medical officer aboard a military oiler. This very fact indicates his abilities in the field of battlefield medicine. Unlike the medical officers aboard warships, Carlo rarely deals with penetrative wounds like shrapnel injuries or shootings. Instead, he has to regularly assist sailors who were overcome by the powerful fumes of the oil in the tanks, as well as other, more minor injuries such as sprains and muscle cramps.

Carlo was brought up fully aware that he had a genetic transformation to awaken, and has often stated that he would have awakened it had he been in a role that would involve more physical or combat training. However, he is comfortable without activating the ability, and has shown concern as to whether or not the transformation would affect his role as doctor.

However, despite his lack of routine training, Carlo is no pushover. With the same basic marksman training as all other members of the Seventh Divisions, Carlo is a capable shot with pistols, despite not carrying one as part of his equipment. His hand-to-hand combat skill needs improvement, understandably, while his twin elements work nicely in the environment he works in - the ocean. Trained in both the manipulation of Water and Ice, the hedgehog is capable of fighting to defend the ship from boarders if forced to.

However, Carlo often struggles to combat psionic powers, and has no true defense against a fully trained Psychic, despite his lack of Soul manipulation skill.

Water Abilities

Ice Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Carlo is one of 113 sailors, marines and officers assigned to the Hammerforge Industries Whale-class Oiler known as the Orca. By no means a front-line ship, considering it's total lack of offensive weaponry, the Orca only fits into the Seventh Fleet's operations through it's supply capacity. Capable of transporting over one hundred and eighty thousand barrels worth of fuel oil, with a secondary cargo bay set up with a mixture of container and pallet space, and based off the hull design of an old Col'nesian icebreaker, the Orca, like all other Whale-class ships, is entirely reliant on an array of electronic countermeasures to defend itself, including radar jammers, a sound-damping bow coating to reduce sonar effectiveness, flares and IR smoke for anti-missile defenses and a host of other components. As such, these ships are never sent into dangerous territory unaccompanied.


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