Carda-Ko is a giant cave home to a tribe of bats that are endangered of losing their lives after a war with invading scorpion menaces. The cave is vast and open, full of hidden secrets. The bottom of the cave (known as misty undertow) is forbidden and surrounded with fear and mystery.


Carda-Ko is an interesting location when it comes to ecology. The land is filled to the brim with glowing green fungi that are actually harmless. Very few trees are even spotted in a place like Carda-Ko. All the grass there is a dull grey, out of life kind of color.

Ecology is not a strong or important factor in Carda-Ko. This is because the land is mostly made of stalagmites/stalactites, almost nothing else. There is some sea weed located in the depths of the misty waters though.


Carda-Ko is known to be a cold, yet average area in terms of its temperature range. Since it is located outside of a cavern, the area is safe from the elements. Rain is almost non-existent in Carda-Ko, but at the same time the area is moist enough to never have droughts. Snow never appears in Carda-Ko and there is no such thing as summer.

The area always has a 50s lower 40s temperature range (°F), never reaching higher and barely reaching lower than those temperatures. It is however very windy, to the point where if you're light enough, the wind will send you flying!


Originally uninhabited, the caves of Carda-Ko were discovered by a migrating group of pied bats. The bats sought for a land of opportunity, a new place to call home. In the middle of almost no where, Carda-Ko was the signature land for the bats to land in. The caves were so empty, the population began to grow immensely since its discovery.

The land wasn't given a name until the inhabitants decided to name it after the first bat who ever laid foot there, Cardus Kile. The civilians simplified the name and named it Carda-Ko in honor of Cardus. The land was never given a government or a significant culture since then, all it has is just a name.

After several centuries, the bats grew tired of the cavernous like location that Carda-Ko was known to have. A group of explorers known as the Brotherhood of Thala decided to explore into the depths of the cavern. What they discovered was beautiful. The cave was much larger than expected, it actually stretched into a group of pillars, large stalactites vit for villages and new homes. This part of the cave also had openings to the outside of the cave so that the bats can figure out what time of day it was.

And with that, Carda-Ko was born into the group of pillars that harvest the homes of the Pied race. Or so they thought. Soon a tyrannical group of Scorpions infiltrated the home of the bats and infested it. The group of Scorpions were known as the Scorpiones Order. Easily left and right the bats started losing numbers to the scorpions. Since then, the land has been a war zone between the two factions over who owns the land.

Significant Populations

Carda-Ko has a huge population of bats. Bats of all different species come together and rejoice at Carda-Ko as a place of living. Though they were followed by a group of Scorpions, varying in different species as well. Sadly, the bat population was cut in half to a near extinction rate with all the invading scorpions. Now the area is predominantly scorpion with a small group of bats left that refuse to give up their homeland.

Notable Areas

Misty Undertow

The name of the swamp that lays deep down into the misty bottom of Carda-Ko. This swamp is known to be haunted, as a number of deaths and lost lives have been noted when coming across this area. As a sight, it's something bewildering.

Not many can describe the way the swamp looks because of how misty it is. The water beds that surround the swamp are known to be deeper than what they appear, and because of this many odd creatures lay in those untouched waters.

Nobody dares to enter Misty Undertow, especially after the numerous wars that plague Carda-Ko.


This location doesn't exactly have any landmarks. It has three areas of importance.

The entrance is known to be an important area because of its significance in the history of the cave. Back then, the area was full of bats who openly greeted one another whole-heartedly. The entrance is known to be very cavernous, full of stalagmites/stalactites. This level is very grounded and similar to that of a normal cave's structure. Now this area is predominantly Scorpions.

Next level is the heart. Also known as Thala's Heart, the heart is the epicenter of the cave. It has many crevices that lead to the outside of the caves, it also has a small opening in the ceiling that allows for weathering. This area is quite spacious. The higher levels are very dangerous because of the lack of land that Stalactites have on them. The center and lower levels are considered to be Misty Undertow's territory. Thala's heart used to be the main home of the bats and is still considered to be the last area of living for them.

And lastly, Misty Undertow. This swamp is indeed a wicked mess, hidden with secrets and unsolved mysteries.

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