"Time to face your permanent fate!"



Carbon is a Jet Black hedgehog with lizard green eyes, and white chest fur.


A ruthless killer, Carbon can and will kill whoever he is sent out to do so. Dark and quiet, some would say he is an assasin. He does have a soft side, though he'll only show it to those he holds close, such as the one responsible for his birth, Dr. Catherine Hedgedog.


Created to battle the one he was literally copied after, Dusk Shitori, Carbon was considered the G.U.N. Artficial Life Program's greatest creation. Unfourtunately, a virus from an unknown source corrupted his thoughts, and he became evil, mercilessly killing whoever he could get his hands on. Eventually, G.U.N had to call for help, so they sought after Dusk to destroy Carbon. Every battle they have, however, either ends in a tie or there is some form of intervention, much like the battles between Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog.


Basic physical traits between Carbon and Dusk are virtually identical. As such, Carbon possesses many of the same skills and abilities as Dusk has, along with greater firearm skill than Dusk. Like most other characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Carbon is able to run at super speeds. With his Hover Shoes, Carbon can hover-skate at supersonic speeds, even nearing that of hypersonic speeds, and is fast enough to nearly equal the speeds that Sonic can run at. Due to his natural high speeds, Carbon is highly acrobatic, agile, and an experienced athlete, capable of gracefully leaping over many obstacles that comes in his way and performing various forms of nimble movements. He has as well radical reaction time to match his movements, being able to react to danger in a split second.

Special Abilities

Carbon also possesses incredibly high physical durability and is capable of surviving things that would normally be fatal to others, even by the standards in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, making him nearly indestructible. This is due to the high amounts of carbon-fiber infused with his bones, fur, skin, and muscles, making extremely lightwieght, yet as durable as Shadow the Hedgehog. He can take a lot of major punishment in battle before he starts to wear down. Even after receiving major damage, Carbon displays a remarkably fast recovery rate from damage, allowing him to quickly re-enter a battle after just a few moments due to the carbon-fiber mentioned earlier.


In combat, Carbon is a dangerous and fierce force to be reckoned with, and is not to be underestimated. Extremely powerful, he has never been seen holding back his immense strength, making him a powerful and deadly fighter with a distinct killer instinct and it is possible for him to take down some of the most fearsome foes seen in the Sonic the Hedgehog series on his own. He has a fighting style that takes advantage of his light wieght and huge amounts of strength, allowing Carbon to land many powerful blows in a short amount of time.


A kiss or even a nice comment from Dr. Catherine Hedgedog can often deter Carbon due to his liking of her. Also, Carbon has a dislikng of water because it is able to dissolve cetain polymers within the bio-genic carbon-fiber that makes him what he is, thus causing Carbon to weaken exponentionally.


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