Carass the Lorikeet was a member of the Red Team, and the leader of the Scarlet Assassins, a team aimed at bringing down the Acorn Kingdom.

Carass the Lorikeet

Biographical Information
Age46 (Deceased)
  • Peter C. Arass - Full name
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Kuhl's Lorikeet
  • Feathers: Green back, wings and crown, blue neck and legs, and a red belly & cheeks.
  • Skin: Orange
  • Eyes: Red
Casual Clothes
  • Black hooded jacket w/ burgundy lining
  • Black pants, w/ burgundy piping
  • Green gloves
  • Blue & Burgundy shoes
Original Armor
  • Style: Spartan Mk V
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Rank Markers: Sergeant rank markers on upper arm plates
  • Customizations: Slots in arm protection for wings
Newer Armor
  • Style: Chromatic Mk IV
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Emblems: Scarlet Assassins emblems on forearms & upper right pectoral
  • Customizations: Slots in arm protection for wings
Political Alignment and Abilities
Red Team (Formerly)
  • Shotgun (formerly)
  • Modified blunderbuss
  • Wears a Sharp Beak necklace to boost Wind-based powers.
  • Flight
  • Possesses the genetic ability Beating Wings
  • Trained to use Wind-based powers.
  • Trained marksman - shotguns, blunderbuss
  • Advanced combat - hand to hand
  • Leadership skills
  • Stealth
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

Carass is a rather heavily built lorikeet, with brightly-colored feathers all over his body, including red, blue and green. His actual physique is impressive, one that avian soldiers all throughout G.U.N envied. Coupled with his orange beak and talons, plus his red eyes, and you had one impressive lorikeet...which is big for a fruit-eating bird. Like most birds, he lacks proper arms, with his hands amalgamated into his wings. As such, most clothes he wears have slots cut into them for his wings to slot out.


When not on a mission for his organization, the Scarlet Assassins, Carass wears a black hooded jacket and black pants, both with burgundy lining. He also wears a pair of green gloves, as well as blue & burgundy shoes.


Originally, as a member of the Red Team, Carass was provided with burgundy Spartan Mk. V armor, as were the rest of his team. However, after he betrayed the Red Team to create the Scarlet Assassins, the lorikeet stole a set of G.U.N Chromatic-series powered armor, which he painted burgundy after his original armor, but marked with Scarlet Assassin emblems where G.U.N. crests would normally appear. The most major difference between the two armors is that the Spartan Mk. V was heavy, but provided awesome all-around protection, whereas the Chromatic Mk. IV suit was lighter, but unable to cope with close-combat attacks very well.


Early life

Carass was born to a family of lorikeets whom lived in G.U.N. protected lands. His father was a former soldier who'd been forced out of the war by injury, while his mother felt that Carass could get far as a war hero. This, combined with pressure placed on him from his friends, forced the lorikeet into the G.U.N. military at age 16, where, as an experiment, they placed him into the Red Team in order to gauge what it would be like to have an elemental-manipulator in amongst the non-powered soldiers in the team. This proved to be a good decision. Carass found military life easy, although he saw little action due to the lazy captain in command of the unit. Finally, the Blue Team launched an attack, with one member managing to kill the commanding officer of the base with a machine gun. However, Carass and one of his squadmates, both ranking as sergeants, ordered the rest of the team into the base as the duo then brought down the attacking Blue force with shotguns. G.U.N. was amazed at their skill, and both were celebrated as heroes, being placed in joint command of a base. However, he was contacted by a 'general', informing him that there was a new king of the Acorn kingdom, a kid, and that if they acted right, then they could take the throne, and Carass could truly be a war hero. The lorikeet was intrigued by the offer of the 'Red General', and even tried to recruit his teammates into the team. However, his equal-in-rank partner, Sarge the Hedgehog, reported him to "command", with G.U.N. sending out a team for his arrest. Carass used the might of his ally, who was not a general any more, and fled the canyon their base was located in.

Apprentice to Ganther

In his role as second-in-command of the organization, called the Scarlet Assassins, Carass was in charge of organizing small-scale missions, including an attack on the Space Colony ARK for supplies, where he stole his Mk. IV Chromatic-type powered armor, and the interrogation of Yamni the Elephant Seal, a new member whom had worked alongside King Elias Acorn, the new king. Finally, he was sent to a new base being set up inside the Mystic Mansion, where he was forced to work alongside a different officer, this one ranking higher than him from his army days - Maskai the Hedgecat. Instantly, the two officers were at each other's throats - the bird's more relaxed, patient demeanor contrasting sharply with the hedgecat's more violent outlook. Ganther suggested the two fight a duel, and as such, the two did, facing off in the center of Mystic Mansion at sundown. Throughout the fight, Carass had the advantage, and dominated before striking the other officer with a final attack, tricking the hedgecat into dropping his guard before shooting him, once, with an old-fashioned blunderbuss. With that over, Ganther announced that it was time for the next phase - attacking members of the Acorn family and their allies.

Sabotage at Sea

Ganther eventually gave Carass a vital mission - infiltrate the operations of Amadeus Prower and prepare him to be eliminated. The lorikeet came up with the idea of waiting for the general to take a boat from his current location visiting Mercia back to Acorn land. As such, Carass infiltrated the boat the fox was on board, and distracted him with a game of poker which he lost, before using his wind-abilities to blow the life-boats off the boat, before flying to a point where he could watch the battle between a boat hijacked by Ganther and the boat he sabotaged. As Carass watched, Ganther sunk Amadeus's boat, and it was believed all hands were lost.

Attacking the Princess

After his mission lead to the successful 'death' of Amadeus, Ganther gave his second-in-command an even more important mission - kill Sally Acorn, who was inspecting a prison in the rebuilt Darkcastle, alongside her mother Alicia Acorn. Alongside Ganther and a large force of other soldiers, Carass stormed the castle, where he found Sally and Alicia attempting to escape the blockade. Angered, Carass raised his gun to shoot her, but Ganther stopped him and suggested close combat was in order. With that, the lorikeet and squirrel lock in battle, before he gets the princess within a pressure bubble he created, forcing the air out of her lungs and leaving her for dead. Alicia used that as her moment to escape, with Carass hunting for her once she escaped, only to find her in the arms of Ganther, whom she had run into. Ganther praised his second-in-command, allowing the man to rest, which triggered him to flop down on his seat, entirely exhausted.

Planning the Invasion

After a week of relaxation after 'killing' Sally Acorn, Carass was summoned before Ganther once again. He entered the leader's mansion room, with a presence of arrogance about him. Along with quite a few of the other officers, he was astonished to find out the purpose of the meeting - planning an invasion of Mobotropolis, and the defeat of Sonic the Hedgehog and his team. Carass admitted that he thought King Elias was in the city, but the leader admitted that he had information that Elias was elsewhere, visiting a newly constructed genetic research facility over the remains of Eggman's old one in Gene Gadget Zone. After one of the officers mentioned Sonic's family owning a chili-dog restaurant in Mobotropolis that Sonic was a frequent guest at, Carass began to formulate a plan. He pointed out that an EMP could strip the AI in command of the city of her control of the nanites, allowing the Scarlet Assassins in. Once in the city, most of the forces would focus their attacks on the restaurant, bating Sonic and co. out. Ganther and the other officers admitted that they liked the idea, so the lorikeet was asked to remain as the others left. The cat and bird discussed the invasion plans, with the leader of the Scarlet Assassins giving command for this mission to the former G.U.N. member. After accepting the position, Carass left, leaving his boss alone.


Carass lead his assault force against Mobotropolis, flying in as an artillery piece began the EMP bombing. As his forces entered the Acorn Kingdom capital, Carass ordered them to cause as much collateral damage as they possibly could as he headed towards Chuck's Chili Dogs at a slow, sedate pace. As he headed towards his target, he encountered Sonic and Miles "Tails" Prower. The bird baited the twin-tailed fox by telling the child that it was he who killed his father, and Princess Sally as well. Tails yelled at Sonic, telling the Hero of Mobius to go help the others as Carass bowed and faked respect towards the fox. Enraged, Tails attacked the lorikeet with a Rasengan, but Carass side-stepped to make him miss, then knocked him down with a swipe of his tail plumage, leaving the fox unconscious as he went after Sonic. Finally, the bird found his target outside the restaurant. Sonic was reluctant to fight the bird, feeling that Tails had the greater claim to his defeat, even going so far as to stick up for his friend against the lorikeet's insults. Finally fed up, Carass created a powerful gale of wind, and turned it on the store itself, blowing walls in and bringing the building to the ground. Suddenly horrified, because his uncle and father had been inside, Sonic transformed into his Dark form, and single-handedly turned the tide of the battle, using his rage and Dark Chaos powers to hurl Carass and his army from the city as it burned. Back at the Mystic Mansion, Carass was interviewed about his failure by Ganther, but upon finding out that Sonic would be distracted by overseeing repairs to his home, he left.

Declaration of Independence

As one of the leaders of the Scarlet Assassins, Carass was beside Ganther as the cat announced the "fall of the Acorn Kingdom", declaring himself king and ruler of a new, greater dynasty. However, around the same time, Carass started to feel misgivings about his role, and began to plot to take the top position for himself. At the same time, Ganther announced in private that Carass was to die, with the reason being to keep the rest of the army in line.

Role Switch

Ganther came to Carass, in order to kill him personally, but unfortunately for the cat, that was the time that the lorikeet chose to attack, shooting the cat in the leg with his blunderbuss, then switching to hand-to-hand and elemental abilities, the same as the king. The cat, however, soon retreated, vowing revenge, while Carass flew to the throne room and announced that he was king. The military leader announced that King Elias Acorn was leading an army against them, and had been sighted on Angel Island. Carass was unsurprised, and ordered the army to set up on the Floating Island, ready for him to lead them against the former king, which was when Ganther reappeared and attacked. The duo battled for a while, but Ganther quickly tired from his injury. However, Carass simply grabbed the cat and hurled him against a wall, telling his former boss to "learn his place", before informing the cat of Elias's plot against them, and asking the former leader to ready a transport, to finish his quarrel with the Acorn monarch. As the cat complied, Carass marveled at the palace they had created, claiming that he was going to succeed where most others failed, before flying out beside Ganther in a plane, heading for Angel Island.

Duel to the Death

After arriving at Angel Island, both Carass and Ganther found Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Elias, alongside an army made of units from G.U.N, the Freedom Fighters (including, to the Scarlet Assassins' surprise, Amadeus Prower and Sally Acorn), the Royal Secret Service and the Chaotix, all amassed before the Scarlet Assassin army. A messenger informed the king that Elias had offered to settle the score through single combat, an idea that Carass informed the operative to agree to, entering no-mans land alone, blunderbuss in hand. As Elias emerged, the former soldier, still wearing his Chromatic-series battle armor, tried to shoot the squirrel, but missed. Instead, he discarded the old-fashioned firearm and approached Elias, whom was armed with his daggers, but wore no armor to protect him. With that, the duo began to fight. Carass had the advantage of flight, his armor not designed to cope with bladed weapons, while Elias had much greater control of the fight when in close, his skill with his two exotic daggers evident. As a result, the bird tried to fight from range with wind attacks, but Elias managed to steel his resolve and charge, even with gale-force winds bearing down on him. Sensing a breaking point in the battle, soldiers on both sides watched as Carass tried to swoop Elias with a full-bodied tackle, only for the young king to get both dagger blades into the bird's armor, the blades puncturing the armor like butter and stabbing the bird in the chest. Ganther immediately attacked, prepared to take the role of king back by killing Elias himself, but Amadeus Prower jumped in and stabbed the cat through the heart, slaying the cat instantly. Left dying, Carass saw his old teammate, Sarge the Hedgehog, but was unable to say anything before the Red Team leader shot him with his shotgun, ending the bird's life in a gory but quick way.


Carass's death lead to a stronger, more united Acorn Kingdom, and greater screening processes by G.U.N. before recruiting soldiers into either of the colored legions.


A cut above most other soldiers who entered the Red Team due to his ability to fly and use elemental powers, Carass's greatest ability was his genetic ability, known as Beating Wings, which actually makes Carass grow stronger if his opponent tries to lower his strength in offense in any way, shape, or form. As such, many attacks aiming to lower the strength of the opponent actually aid him when turned against him, increasing his strength greatly each time, although techniques used by himself or his allies to do the same would have no effect. This proved useful in hand-to-hand combat, an area that he excelled in, if he struggled with it while flying. His skill with close-range firearms like the shotgun and blunderbuss was rather interesting, in that he went from the modern twelve-gauge shotgun to a single-shot blunderbuss, with which he used either at the very start or the very end of a fight, occasionally being known to turn his back on the fight in order to reload the muzzle-loading weapon. His hand-to-hand skill was centered on strikes when the opponent isn't paying attention, with surprise attacks, and with using his tail plumage and his body for heavy-hitting strikes, although attacks with his feet and wings were seen. His greatest ranged strength was, of course, wind abilities. He could create gale-force winds, or cutting blades of air, and unleash them at range to force the enemy's defenses down, or even level buildings. However, Carass's greatest weaknesses were rather simple. Elementally, he couldn't combat with any form of Earth-based defense, with most of his assaults doing very little, if anything at all, to an earthen foe, although some of their attacks would be useless against him in return. Likewise, a good strike from a fire-based attack could melt his polymer-based powered armor, leaving him defenseless and immobile, due to the melted plastic stopping him from moving. Finally, his armor, while brilliant with coping with most energy and projectile-based ranged techniques (and most close-range firearm impacts as well, on top of that), was pathetic against impacts from close-combat weapons, or even a good hand-to-hand strike. For example, a strong punch could cause his armor to crumple, while a blade would pass straight through his plastic armor.

Wind Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Friends & Enemies




  • Sirenna Madan - A young dog, Sirenna followed Carass into the final battle quite happily... only to be taken prisoner by the Acorn Kingdom after their failed assault.
  • James Odessa - A young hedgidna experienced at driving a Infantry Fighting Vehicle, James was killed under Carass's leadership in the attack on New Mobotropolis.



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