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Cquote1 No matter what, I will not rest until I avenged me parents! Cquote2
Captain Houndbeard


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When he was a young dog, George's parents were killed by Captain Metal years ago. Soon after he grew up, George decided to avenge his parents and became captain of his own heroic pirate crew. His crew promised him that they will not rest until they avenge what George has lost, After a few years passed, George decided to change his name to Captain Houndbeard, Hero of the Seven Seas.


Crab Summon- Captain Houndbeard calls in big armies of crabs to pinch his enemies for dealing great amounts of pain.

Parrot Swarm- A huge swarm of parrots fly in to action to swarm around the enemy to distract them, giving Captain Houndbeard a chance to attack.


Being a dog, Captain Houndbeard has Danger Senses. Which can sniff out any danger and enemy coming up from behind. He can also use it to track down any kind of trouble.


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"For the Seven Seas!" -before fighting

"Prepare to face the wrath of Captain Houndbeard" - before fighting Captain Whiskers

"It's time to end this." before fighting Captain Metal or a final boss

"Ye have been bested, ye scurvy seadog!" - after beating a final boss

"Pinchy, Pinchin Crabs! Start your Pinching!" - while summoning his crab army

Caw-caw! Caw-caw! - while summoning the parrots

"Never mess with the Hero of the Seven Seas." - getting a S-Rank

"All for Captain Houndbeard and his crew! Har-har-har. - getting an A-Rank

"Next time, I'll go for the big ones." - getting a B-Rank

"Arrrr, shiver me timbers." - getting a C-Rank

"Yarrr! Son of a biscuit eater!" - getting a D-Rank

"Such a humiliating performance!" - getting a E-Rank

"Nobody laugh at me! - getting a F-Rank

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