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Captain "Ratface" is a minor antagonist and member of the Eternal Army. He is a eager and ambitious mouse who serves as an infantry and special ops specialist within the Fighting God's army. He is known to be a ruthless and doesn't care who gets in his way, as well as mysterious as he has been able to hide the identity of his actual name from others.


Ratface is a normal adult Mobian mouse of average Mobian height. He appears to possess a grey fur coat and a white mussel. His ears are pink as a mouse normally is as well. He is known by his distinct pair of glasses that often hang on the front of his nose. Normally he is known to show a variety of emotion and can go from being sad to angry to bloodthirsty upon his face.


Captain Ratface is as ruthless as he is unpredictable. One thing is for certain though, he is not afraid to spill blood.He is known to have a short temperament and not afraid to abuse or scold his own men when they show any signs of incompetence.Nevertheless he is a very ambitious mouse and one you cannot simply take your eyes off. He knows that the best time to strike is when the enemy is least expecting it.


Much of his previous past is intentionally kept a secret, however it is believed that he may have once been a member of a lesser known military faction, or perhaps a member of a street gang.


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  • Hand to hand combat skills-Ratface, despite being a Mobian mouse is very good at delivering not only swift, but powerful blows in melee combat. Despite his somewhat self-preserving nature he is not above laying a beat-down on his foes!
  • Marksmanship-Ratface is now stranger around a gun, be it high or low caliber he is known use his right to bear arms in a liberal manner.


Ratface is not known to be the most stable of Grief's underlings, and as such he is rather inconsistent with his personalty.Often his temperament can get the better of him and prevent him from carrying out his tasks properly. Ratface is often known to belittle and threaten his own men thus making him sometimes inefficient as a commander.

Theme Song:

Mercenaries POD Music- Family Business

Mercenaries POD Music- Family Business


  • Captain Ratface is inspired by the antagonist Mulmangcho in the North Korean anime cartoon, Squirrel and Hedgehog.
  • IF he had a voice actor, Ratface would sound much akin to Mewoth from Pokemon with a thick chicagan accent.


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