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Cquote1 Is this all we were built for? To temporarily please our "creators" only to then be thrown out for a better model as soon as we begin to age? We are living beings just like them, so what if we're all robots? We live, we think, we love, just as they do, yet they simply see us as inferior appliances. These are not people, they're monsters! Poor excuses for life that need to be eradicated! Now my friends, it's time for the end. Their end, and our beginning! Cquote2
Capon, when giving a motivational speech to other AntiQuartz Rebellion members


Capon was one of, if not, the first machine created by Jared. This was back when he was around age 5, while still living with Willow and did not own EQuartz. Capon was originally made as a sculpture, a base to build off of for future ideas, made out of random junk Jared would find lying about. It wasn't until Jared evolved that Capon would be given life.

With immense knowledge gained, Jared immediatly reconstructed Capon from higher-quality parts (though mostly the same stuff, just better condition) and even programmed it to move and have self-learning AI. He programmed Capon to be somewhat like an assistant, always helping around and giving advice when needed. He followed Jared as he left custody, and would journey with him until Jared eventually obtained EQuart through a lucky gamble (in which he used his time-sight to effectively cheat.)

Capon lived alongside Jared, helping him when making big decisions, boosting morale among the workers, keeping the building as clean and efficient as possible, etc. and as years passed, the routine remained the same, but things became much more advanced as wealth increased and technology was replaced. But as time moved on, Capon became more and more outdated, and the parts used to keep him together were beginning to show their age, constantly malfunctioning or just not functioning in general, plus was incompatable with any form of upgrading available at the time. It came to a point where Capon became far too much of a liability to continue functioning, and against his will, was shut down and (accidentaly) tossed away with the trash, eventually arriving at the EQuartz Trash Disposal Site, and was left to rot with the other garbage.

One day, a small spacial rift had formed just above the Trash Disposal Site, sending a strange mixture of a pokemon and a digimon out of the hole, and unleashing a small bolt of energy unto the site, directly hitting the area where Capon's disfunctional body laid. The immense amount of energy had revived Capon and give him many new abilities.

As soon as he had awoken, an immense amount of rage and sadness swept over him, due to his abandonement and the many years he spent in inactivity having worn away at his body. He used nearby parts and broken appliances to reconstruct a new suitable body, and transferred the internal hardware from the original to that body as a way to shed several past memories off of him. It was through this that Capon had found his new ability, now able to build robots and activate them using a jolt of energy.

While exploring his new surroundings, Capon came across the scrapped EQuartz Behemark buried deep under garbage, and dedicated many months to uncover it, all the while building Scrap Town and giving life to it's many inhabitants from mechanical parts that he would find at random. After it was uncovered, Capon, with the help of the many robots he built, relocated the Behemark to a more concealed area (by taking it apart piece by piece and rebuilding what could be taken, all while learning more about it) and create a second Scrap Town around it, this one being built into the base of a large mountain of trash, and had many tunnels to travel to-and-fro the various rooms within.

Capon now spends most of his time either governing the two Scrap Town's or restoring the Behemark to a functional state, and will one day use it to finally break down the walls surrounding the Disposal Site and take revenge not only on Jared, but to all other who had abandoned the machines that he would revive.


Capon, on the outside, is a collection of random junk compiled to resemble a body. A Kettle, turned so that the spout and handle are on the sides, acts as his head. Two holes of varying size act as eyes, one having an HD camera for an eye and the other a chipped hole with a tiny screen that often displays mere static.

Several wires connect the head to his base, that being a lunchbox turned so that it appears somewhat taller and thinner, with most of it rusted and dented, which then sprout out to it's arms and legs, which are also comprised of broken appliances and parts. His arms are two electrical cords and end in prongs, which act as his fingers. Capon's only articles of clothing are his scarf and sunhat, the latter having solar panels attached to help him store energy to re-activate other broken machines.


Capon specializes in an ability to revive broken or downed machines with stored electricity, retaining knowledge from before they were alive due to the energy given off from the spacial rift sending visions of those times to the machine. Having lived in a massive junkyard for a long time and building two towns for his creation, Capon has mastered engineering in a sense that he has become able to build decently sized constructions from the various forms of garbage tossed into the area, and has even built a few robots of his own, but none big or strong enough to escape... yet.

If missing parts, Capon can extend his wires to pick up nearby objects and use those as new parts. Another minor thing to note is that when enraged, Capon will begin to boil internally, sending large amounts of steam out of his spout and increasing the general heat of his body, which can cause him to occasionally short circuit from overheating, but will quickly recover. Also, being made of mostly broken or aged parts, Capon is considerably fragile, and could not hold his own in a true fight against an opponent of above-average strength.


Capon usually seems to be a cheerful and wise person, always giving little tidbits of advice and helping out other machines, and even other people, just so long as their not attempting to cause any trouble. Capon keeps a mostly open mind to help conclude arguments, rather than just picking a side even if it's wrong. Having been abandoned by his creator, Capon is deeply frustrated by anyone who would throw away technology, moreso Jared than anyone for somewhat obvious reasons. He wishes for nothing more than to bring an end to the EQuartz empire and allow his fellow outdated machines to coexist peacefully with others.


  • Capon is heavily based on Toaster from Space Dandy, whether it be him being made of old appliances or seeking revenge on those who had thrown him away.
  • Capon's name comes from the famous gangster Al Capone.
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