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Capcom vs. Sonic the Hedgehog
Capcomvssoniclogo .jpg
Capcom, Sega, Winduct
Capcom, Sega
Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Release Date (s)
Jaguar European.png December 7, 2011

Jaguar american.jpg December 8, 2011
Jaguar flagen.jpg December 8, 2011

Jaguar Australian.jpg December 8, 2011
Original Score:
Harry Gregson-Williams
Single-player, multiplayer, online multiplayer
PEGI: +12 (Violence, Bad Language, Fear, Online)
DVD-ROM, Blu-ray Disc

Capcom vs. Sonic the Hedgehog (株式会社カプコン VS ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ) is an upcoming title developed by Capcom, Sega and Winduct. The game is a crossover fighting game featuring characters and stages from Capcom and the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The game features an Arcade Mode, similar to all previous Capcom vs. games. The game contains a story and plot which unravels while unlocking each character's ending after completing the Arcade Mode. The cutscenes of the game are fully 3D CGI.


Wesker learns of the powerful 7 Chaos Emeralds which will help him in the completion of his Uroboros Project. Dr. Eggman creates a portal through time and space and enters the world of the Capcom universe which he plans to take over and dominate. The two villains unite to achieve their purposes.


Gameplay in Capcom vs Sonic the Hedgehog is similar to Capcom's previous fighting installment Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Each character has his/her own unique fighting style and attacks. The game features a tag-based team feature, identical to Marvel vs Capcom, where the player can choose 3 characters and swap at any point during gameplay, pulling off combos. Like in previous fighting games, the purpose of the game remains the same, draining your opponents health gauge and defeating all 3 of their characters. Characters will have 3D models but the gameplay will remain 2D with characters only moving forward, backward and straight up into the air.

The game features a three-button control scheme as well as the "Exchange" feature where the player can swap characters during performing attacks in mid-air and slamming the opponent to the ground. Players can use each button to string together combination attacks, as well as perform special moves using a combination of button presses and joystick movement similar to Marvel vs Capcom 3. As characters attack, their Special Gauge fills with energy which can be expended by the player to execute powerful Hyper Combos and Team Combos that involve multiple characters.


Like all Capcom vs. games, Capcom vs. Sonic the Hedgehog features an Arcade Mode where the player fights against artificial intelligence controlled opponents to reach the final boss character. After defeating the final boss the character's ending is unlocked which is a cutscene. By emerging all the cutscenes the game has a storyline and plot. There is a Vs. Mode where the player engages combat with another player and Online Mode where the player engages combat with players from around the world. Players gain points during fighting which are used to unlock characters, artwork, stages, music etc. The game also features a new Mode called Zombie Mode where the player must kill as many zombies as possible in a specific amount of time. The fight takes place in Willamete Parkview Mall.

Story & Endings

The game features a story mode which is unveiled by unlocking each character's ending. When unlocking all of them, a final story is unlocked. Each character's ending is listed bellow. By combining them, the story is unveiled. Dr. Eggman and Wesker's endings are the only ones that take place before the introduction.

  • Wesker: Wesker has learned of the 7 Chaos Emeralds and wants them to power up and complete his Uroboros Project. At that time he witnesses the army of battleships.
  • Dr. Eggman: Dr. Eggman has managed to create a portal through time and space which allows him to enter the world of Capcom. Greedily, Eggman enters the portal with his army of battleships hoping to conquer the new world.


In the world of Capcom, huge battleships arrive through a portal. A dark figure makes his way through the battleships. As he slowly walks through the main battleship's deck he destroys every robot in his path. He finally enters the main control room where Dr. Eggman is sitting in a chair. Dr. Eggman turns around and witnesses the attacker. He introduces himself to Eggman as Albert Wesker and his purpose is to find the 7 Chaos Emeralds to power up and complete his Uroboros Project. Eggman's purpose is to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog and conquer this world. Wesker agrees to team up with Dr. Eggman so that they both get what they want. At the end of their conversation, Eggman insists it wasn't necessary that Wesker destroyed his robots.

The scene cuts to the heroes of Capcom witnessing the huge army of battleships in the sky. Fearing of an invasion, the heroes are ready to fight. In Sonic's world, the heroes witness Eggman's battleships entering an unknown portal. They decide to go after him.

  • Fang: Fang infiltrates the Willamette Parkview Mall but he is interrupted by zombies. He makes his way into the centre of the mall, shooting and killing the zombies in his way but soon finds himself trapped. Suddenly, Frank West comes and assists Fang, killing zombies with his baseball bat. Fang and Frank team up and together they kill all the zombies in the mall.
  • Metal Sonic: Metal Sonic emerges from Dr. Eggman's army of battleships and unleashes havoc in the nearby city of Capcom. He shoots lasers, rockets, missiles and destroys the buildings, roads, cars etc. The city is soon on fire. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles arrive from the Sonic universe via the portal and try to stop Metal Sonic. Falcon also pursues Metal Sonic and they clash altogether.
  • Falcon: Falcon clashes with Metal Sonic in an ablaze city in the Capcom universe. Metal Sonic grabs Falcon by the throat and together they land on the deck of Eggman's mothership. In a showdown, Falcon and Metal Sonic prepare to launch their weapons.
  • Ryu: Standing on a skyscraper, Ryu observes the invasion and the destruction of the city. Eggman's battleships pass above him and release an army of robots. Ryu fights them but is unable to defeat them on his own as there are too many. Chun-Li arrives at the fighting scene and assists Ryu.
  • Frank West: Frank asks Fang to lead him up to Dr. Eggman's army of battleships to take some pictures and uncover the scoop of the century. Fang, curious to see what's up there, heads to Eggman's battleships. Once up in the main deck, Frank takes photos ignoring all the robots coming after him.
  • Leon: The government of Capcom has declared war against Dr. Eggman's army of battleships and sends armed helicopters to attack him. In one of the many helicopters is Leon S. Kennedy who prepares himself to enter Eggman's base.
  • Shadow: Dr. Eggman's cannons shoot the helicopters and destroy them one by one. Leon's helicopter is seriously damaged and falls to the deck. Shadow appears on his motorcycle and saves Leon before he reaches the ground. The two of them ride on the motrocycle and shoot Eggman's robots with their weapons.
  • Chun-Li: Chun-Li and Ryu are still fighting Eggman's robots in the skyscraper. However, Eggman's attacks cause the skyscraper to collapse.
  • M. Bison: Bison learns of Dr. Eggman and Wesker's plans and plans on destroying them both to get his hands on those mysterious Chaos Emeralds. Large battleships of Shadaloo attack Dr. Eggman's battleships and destroy most of them. Fang, Frank, Shadow and Leon are aboard Eggman's battleship as the invasion begins.
  • Rouge: Rouge sneaks inside the ruins of a mall and enters a jewelry shop to steal jewels. As she walks inside, she is confronted by Arthur who orders her to stop but Rouge ignores him completely. Later she encounters Morrigan who is after the jewels too. The two girls clash together in an attempt to steal each other's jewels.
  • Knuckles: Dr. Eggman's battleship change course and head back to Sonic's world while the Shadaloo's battleships pursue him. An unconscious Knuckles wakes up in the ruins of the city after his fight with Metal Sonic. Arthur gives his hand to Knuckles and pulls him up. Together they witness the army of battleships entering the portal to Sonic's world. Knuckles is worried about the Master Emerald being stolen and heads back to Angel Island along with Arthur.
  • E-123 Omega: Back to Sonic's world, Wesker enters the G.U.N. Fortress. A huge army of G.U.N. soldiers and robots try to protect the chamber where the Chaos Emerald is guarded but they are no match for Wesker's super powers. He destroys everything in his path with ease even the giant robot Diablon piloted by the Commander himself. However he encounters Omega who starts firing him. The two fight each other off for the sake of the Chaos Emerald but Omega is defeated and Wesker enters the chamber to get his Chaos Emerald. To his surprise, Omega reaches the Chaos Emerald first and by grabbing it he uses his flamethrower to burn Wesker's face with the power of the Chaos Emerald. Weakened, furious and surrounded by more soldiers Wesker heads back to the battleships.
  • Mephiles: After failing to retrieve the Chaos Emerald, Wesker, with the help of Dr. Eggman go to an abandoned power plant. With the power of thunder and Wesker's dark powers, they are able to resurrect a new ally...
  • Viewtiful Joe: After stealing the Chaos Emerald from the G.U.N. Base, Mephiles heads to the next Chaos Emerald which is located in the Central City Bank Vault. Mephiles breaks into the bank and steals it with ease. As he exits he is confronted by Viewtiful Joe who tells him to stop his evil crimes and saying multiple lines from films. Mephiles and Viewtiful Joe engage in combat. However, some journalists start to take photos which makes Viewtiful Joe pose for a close up. This gives Mephiles the opportunity to blast him miles away.
  • Cream: Cream and Cheese are on a meadow picking flowers. Cream sees Amaterasu near drinking water from a river and Cream goes to pet her. Nami says to Cream that an invasion is happening and it is dangerous for her to be here. Cream gets excited and asks Amaterasu to join her.
  • Huitzil: M. Bison is after the Chaos Emeralds as well but needs a powerful army. So he heads to an ancient temple in the jungle to resurrect an army of giant ancient robots.
  • Chaos: In the city, during the rain, Chaos emerges from the waters and attacks the army of Huitzil.
  • Zero: Megaman and Zero decide to help Sonic's world and stop Wesker and Eggman from taking the Chaos Emeralds. Mephiles attacks and steals the next Chaos Emerald from the G.U.N. Fleet. However, Zero and Megaman arrive and engage in combat with Mephiles. While battling, Mephiles uses Dark Chaos Lance and penetrates Megaman's arm, breaking it in half. Megaman falls wounded to the ground while moaning in pain. A furious Zero gives his all to defeat Mephiles.
  • Tails: After their fight with Metal Sonic, Tails and Sonic return to their world with Tail's Tornado. On the radio, Tails hears that an invasion is taking place while a creature is attacking the G.U.N. Fleet and stealing a Chaos Emerald. Tails and Sonic head there to help where they find Zero and Mephiles fighting each other and Megaman on the ground. Tails starts shooting Mephiles and Sonic goes to help Zero but they are still no match for Mephiles. Zero is also seriously wounded but keeps fighting. Sonic is unable to take the Chaos Emerald from Mephiles as he is too strong. Having taken what he came for, Mephiles disappears. Tails and Sonic take Zero and Megaman aboard the small Tornado and depart.
  • Vector: The G.U.N. Commander informs Team Chaotix that Mephiles is heading to the Space Colony ARK to obtain the next Chaos Emerald and asks their help. The team enters their small spaceship and go to the ARK.
  • Charmy: Mephiles reaches his destination and wanders around the ARK searching for the Chaos Emerald. He reaches a chamber where he finally founds it. As he is about to reach it Espio turns back to visible and attacks Mephiles. Vector also appears and starts to attack Mephiles but they are both no match for him. Charmy is sitting in the small spaceship watching the fight. As he watches his two friends losing the battle, Charmy fires at the chamber which causes an explosion which distracts Mephiles. Charmy quickly enters the chamber and steals the Chaos Emerald. Vector and Espio enter the spaceship and flee altogether. A furious Mephiles activates the Eclipse Cannon which fires a beam of his dark energy to the planet.
  • Bass: The team flees victorious from the Space Colony ARK with the Chaos Emerald. However, as they approach the Earth's atmosphere, they are attacked by the Shadaloo battleships. Team Chaotix is damaged and their small spaceship crash lands. From within the smokes approaches Bass, who has been hired by M. Bison to steal the Chaos Emeralds. Espio and Bass engage in combat.
  • Espio: Espio and Bass fight each other for the Chaos Emerald. By turning invisible, Espio manages to seriously injure Bass. As he is about to finish him off, the army of Huitzil approach and attempt to steal the Chaos Emerald. Team Chaotix engage in combat with the Huitzil and Bass himself. Bison watches the battle with satisfaction.
  • Big: The beam hits Mystic Ruins and destroys a vast range of trees and temples which causes Big, who is sleeping with Froggy, to wake up. Froggy panics and runs away, only to encounter Viewtiful Joe who has landed there from Mephiles' previous hit.
  • Arthur: By order of Dr. Eggman, Mephiles heads to Angel Island to steal the Master Emerald. He arrives and defeats Shade who was protecting the shrine. As he approaches and gently touches the Master Emerald Knuckles, Arthur, Big and Viewtiful Joe arrive. Furious, Knuckles attacks Mephiles by himself but is no match for him. The four characters unite to attack Mephiles and prevent him from stealing the Master Emerald. He fuses with the Master Emerald, becoming purple-black with dark energy. Arthur reveals a bottle of holy water from his pocket which he tosses to Mephiles. Mephiles disappears along with the Master Emerald which causes the Angel Island to slowly fall. Defeated once more, the heroes leave Angel Island.
  • Tails Doll: Cream and Amaterasu pass through a macabre abandoned circus. They soon find themselves trapped inside the circus tent as the entire circus comes back to life. Cream and Amaterasu get lost in a hall of mirrors and terrorized by the Tails Doll who enters Amaterasu's mind and controls her. Despite her fears, Cream manages to free Amaterasu from the Tails Doll and together they defeat it.
  • Date: Mephiles is becoming weaker due to the magic potion Arthur threw him back in Angel Island. Having little time to find the rest of the Chaos Emerald before his death he must find a body to emerge with. He encounters Date praying in a temple and by tricking him while fighting, he is able to emerge with Date's body, becoming a pitch-black samurai covered in dark energy.
  • Megaman X: Inside Tail's lab, Megaman's armor and hand are reconstructed, equipping him with a new more powerful Mega Buster. The scene changes to the now samurai Mephiles who has gathered 2 more Chaos Emeralds, having a total of 4 and the Master Emerald. Mephiles appears in the ruins of a demolished building where the next Chaos Emerald lies. It is raining. Police, G.U.N. soldiers and G.U.N. mechas have gathered to stop him. They all open fire but Mephiles, in his new samurai form, is immune to their attacks. He uses his sword to kill as many as possible but he is stopped by the new and powerful Megaman X. Sonic, Tails and Zero also fight alongside Megaman X to stop Mephiles. As Megaman is about to strike him, Mephiles opens his stomach to reveal Date inside him which causes Megaman to hold back his attack, not wanting to kill Date. Mephiles enters the building and gets the fifth Chaos Emerald but Megaman is not through with him. As Mephiles is about to teleport away with the Chaos Emerald, Megaman grabs him and they both teleport, disappearing in front of Sonic, Tails and Zero.
  • Blaze: Megaman and Mephiles teleport to the skies and they fall together. Mephiles escapes, being able to fly but Megaman falls down towards the sea. Silver who is near, saves Megaman with his telekinetic powers. Mephiles teleports again through a portal and this time Megaman, Silver and Blaze go after hi. However, everyone teleports to a different area. Blaze teleports to a volcano with burning lava when she sees a Chaos Emerald. She engages in combat with Mephiles in order to get the Chaos Emerald but Mephiles uses a move which turns the fiery land into a frozen wasteland which weakens Blaze. He traps her in an icicle, gets the next Chaos Emerald and disappears.
  • Silver: Blaze is soon found and rescued by Silver and Megaman and together they go after Mephiles. Mephiles
    sets out for the sixth Chaos Emerald which is hidden in orient temple deep within the frozen mountain peeks. Mephiles enters the temple and kills everyone on sight. He finally enters a chamber where the Chaos Emerald is located but guarded by Talbain. Mephiles quickly defeats him and grabs the Chaos Emerald but as soon as he steps out of the temple, Silver, Blaze and Megaman await him. Knuckles, Arthur, Big and Viewtiful Joe also arrive to defeat him. Mephiles uses his powers to create a huge snow avalanche which targets the heroes. Silver quickly uses his telekinetic powers to stop the avalanche and target it onto Mephiles, but Mephiles's powers are far too strong. Blaze turns the avalanche to fire and saves the heroes. The battle goes on as Silver lifts rocks, snow and icicles and throws them to Mephiles which Blaze and Megaman attempt to reach the top of the temple.
  • Sonic: Tails locates the heroes and arrives with his Tornado along with Sonic and Zero to stop Mephiles. Sonic jumps to the battlefield while Talbain silently attacks Mephiles from the back causing him to drop the 1 Chaos Emerald. Sonic races to obtain it but he is suddenly attacked by Metal Sonic. The Chaos Emerald falls down the mountains and into the abyss. Sonic once again attempts to claim the Chaos Emerald but this time Metal Sonic embraces him and together they fly uncontrollably through the rocks and into the abyss. While falling, Sonic is able to catch the falling Chaos Emerald and is soon saved by Tails and his Tornado plain. Metal Sonic pursues the heroes on the plain and opens fire but Zero is able to counter Metal Sonic's attacks. He uses Rekkoha to hit Metal Sonic and escape.
  • Talbain: Eggman's battleships invade the skies as Egg Pawns invade the interior of the fortress where they place bombs which will soon self-destruct. Inside the fortress an unknown fighter attacks the Egg Pawns for an unknown reason. Arthur, Knuckles, Big, Megaman, Blaze and Silver are soon surrounded by the army of Egg Pawns. Sonic and Zero once again step into the battlefield to assist them. Sonic and Megaman fight Mephiles while the rest of the heroes fight the Egg Pawns. While inside the huge fortress, Talbain and Arthur attempt to destroy the bombs but it's too late. The bombs go off and the whole place starts to collapse. This works as a diversion to the heroes for Mephiles to escape with the Chaos Emerald. Only 1 more left...
  • Dante: The scene opens with Dante watching the news from his office. G.U.N. has secured the final Chaos Emerald and is protecting at all costs. Hundreds of soldiers are dispatched to a new large base called Prometheus Base, where the final Chaos Emerald lies in a secured vault. He is soon interrupted by Team Chaotix who bust into his office. Assuming they need to use the bathroom, as always, he points to the left but Espio tells him that they are in need of his help as he is the only one capable of slaying a demon. Despite the conversation, Vector goes to the bathroom. Dante takes a last look at the TV and agrees to help.
  • Amy: Amy enters the gates of Prometheus Base, hoping to find Sonic. Through the chaos (G.U.N. soldiers

    Prometheus Base

    and mechs walking everywhere) she is able to find Sonic and his friends. Altogether, they witness the coming of Eggman's army of battleships.
  • Morrigan: The scene shows Morrigan standing outside of Prometheus Base watching in the night sky the arrival of the battleships. Curious, she flies to the main flagship and overhears a conversation between Eggman and Wesker. The two talk of a strategy to invade the fortress with the help of Mephiles. Before she is able to see the plan, she is attacked by an unknown figure. The two engage in combat but the unknown figure is able to defeat Morrigan. Before the unknown warrior is able to finish her off, Morrgan escapes.

    Shade (left) breaks into the vault.

  • Shade: Shade, who is aware that Eggman and Wesker will attack the fortress to steal the Chaos Emerald,unsuspectingly breaks into the secret vault where the last Chaos Emerald is guarded to save it. However she encounters Phoenix Wright who is also there to save the Chaos Emerald. Shade misunderstands him and the two engage in combat.
  • Phoenix: The scene opens with M. Bison standing outside the Prometheus Base and ordering the Shadaloo army to invade. The invasion begins as he has reached the base before Eggman and Wesker, hoping to obtain the Chaos Emerald. The scene changes to Phoenix Wright who explains to Shade that he is hear to help and that they must act quickly. Shadaloo army breaks into the vault in an attempt to find the Chaos Emerald but instead, they find a suitcase. When they open it, it is revealed to be a bomb that will soon go off. Shade surprises them and attacks them in an attempt to trap them inside the vault. The scene changes to Phoenix Wright who walks with a fast pace holding a suitcase with the Chaos Emerald inside. He passes unsuspiciously through everyone until he comes face to face with M. Bison. The two characters fight each other to the death.
  • Tessa: While fighting with M. Bison, Phoenix suddenly observes a sparkle in the night sky. He quickly opens the suitcase and throws the Chaos Emerald as far as possible surprising Bison. Tessa quickly flies and grabs the last Chaos Emerald. A furious Bison prepares to finish Phoenix off but Arthur, Knuckles, Viewtiful Joe and Big arrive just on time to assist him. While flying, Tessa is attacked by Mephiles who attempts to steal the Chaos Emerald.
  • Amaterasu: Eggman destroys the gates of Prometheus Base and breaks into the base, attacking and killing everything in his path with his new robot, the Egg Magnus. Wesker watches the whole invasion from the cooling towers of the base. As Tessa fights Mephiles while flying, Falcon joins the aerial fight and assists Tessa. Team Chaotix, Leon, Shadow, Rouge and Omega also arrive via G.U.N. choppers. Mephiles destroys Falcon's armor and knocks him down. With the Chaos Emerald in his hands Mephiles prepares to unleash total chaos, however, Cream riding Amaterasu arrive just on time to stop Mephiles. Amaterasu and Mephiles engage in the ultimate combat of light vs. darkness. Amaterasu shoots a ray of light while Mephiles shoots a veil of darkness.
  • Juri: The showdown between Amaterasu and Mephiles continues. Meanwhile, M. Bison who is walking through some ruins of the base is suddenly attacked by an unknown figure. Mephiles starts losing power which causes him to lose control of Date's body. Date is freed and Mephiles flees away defeated but alive. The heroes (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Arthur, Megaman X, Zero, Team Chaotix, Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright, Tessa, Falcon and Big) gather around Date and help him to his feet. The unknown figure who attacks M. Bison is revealed to be his arch enemy Juri. With Wesker watching surprised from the cooling towers, Juri fiercely defeats M. Bison and knocks him unconscious. Wesker claps his hands to express his amazement and teleports right next to her. He begins a conversation with her and then creates an arena from the debris using his powers. The scene changes back to the heroes who, altogether, watch the invasion happening right in front of their eyes and team up to stop it.

Final Story

The scene opens with a view of the burning base. G.U.N. soldiers and robots fight against Eggman's army. More heroes arrive in the scene of the action (Ryu, Chun-Li, Frank, Fang, Morrigan, Talbain, Blaze and Silver) to assist G.U.N. and defeat Eggman.

Eggman's giant robot approaches the heroes who have the Chaos Emerald in their hands and opens fire but he is countered by Tessa's magical attacks. This causes the Chaos Emerald to be blown away and fall to the ground. Eggman quickly makes for it but Sonic is faster. He grabs the Chaos Emerald and quickly dashes away with Eggman chasing him. The heroes agree that it's high time to act and scatter. Eggman continues to pursue Sonic and opens fire, however, Sonic is able to dodge all of the attacks. As Eggman approaches Sonic, Megaman X comes bursting into action. Sonic's hands over the Chaos Emerald to him and the pursuit continues. Megaman hands the emerald to Knuckles, Knuckles to Morrigan, Morrigan to Espio and so on. Eggman keeps chasing the Chaos Emerald which is tossed from hero to hero.

Meanwhile, looking for a challenge, Wesker challenges Juri to a showdown and the two characters engage in fierce combat.

Eggman continues to pursue them in vain. Tails comes in flying with his tornado plain and shoots Eggman. The Chaos Emerald is now in Arthur's hand who keeps on running while throwing potions to Eggman's cockpit. A furious Eggman shoots two pillars which cause the entire place to collapse. As the ground collapses, Arthur falls inside the debris and into a tunnel.

The fight between Juri and Wesker keeps on going. Juri uses all of her powers to attack Wesker but he is too powerful. While fighting Juri makes fun of Wesker and mocks his fighting style. Wesker becomes enraged, grabs her by the throat with one arm and attempts to choke her. While the fight goes on, Arthur suddenly lands near the arena and witnesses the fight. As Juri continues to laugh, Wesker pulls out her left eye and crushes the Feng Shui Engine in his palm. Juri falls down to the ground, defeated and screaming in pain. Arthur becomes scared to death and gasps in horror, revealing his location. Wesker turns around and notices him and the Chaos Emerald he has in his hand. Wesker slowly starts to approach. Arthur tosses him fire bottles but Wesker destroys them with his hand easily. As Arthur comes face to face with Wesker, he pulls out his sword and points it to him for defense but Wesker grabs the Chaos Emerald from Arthur's hand with gentle calmness. He turns around and prepares to leave but Arthur comes running after him, this time with his spear. Wesker turns around and delivers a powerful attack on Arthur, which sends him flying away, breaking his armor. Having obtained the final emerald, Wesker disappears.

The scene changes to the rest of the heroes who help each other to their feet and rise from the ruins of the base, injured and exhausted, while Eggman heads back to his battleships. The G.U.N. Commander and an army of soldiers come and congratulate the heroes for their bravery but it is too late. Eggman and Wesker have gathered all of the Chaos Emeralds and the worst are yet to come. It slowly begins to rain.

Meanwhile, inside the main battleship, Eggman and Wesker gather the 7 Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald. Eggman reveals that he has kept what has been left of Mephiles inside a capsule in order to preserve him. As he is ready to put in action his evil plan, Wesker betrays Eggman by absorbing the energy of all of the Chaos Emeralds. Before Eggman is able to prevent him, Wesker grabs him by the throat and throws him outside to the main deck. He then breaks the capsule, allowing Mephiles to fuse with him. As he makes his way outside to where Eggman lies injured, Egg Pawns try to stop him but they are easily destroyed. Wesker goes to the main deck and reveals to Eggman that he never wanted to cooperate with him. Surprisingly, Eggman also claims he would soon betray him. With the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds, the Master Emerald and Mephiles' dark powers, Wesker, now mutating into a dark figure, flies to the sky and creates a black hole.

The heroes watch horrified as the skies are torn apart and Eggman's battleships are sucked inside. Wesker heads for the cooling towers of the base and so do every G.U.N. operative left in order to stop him. All of the heroes unite, placing their hands on top of each other. They agree to help Dr. Eggman and stop Wesker. Rouge and Shadow go to the battleship to save Eggman from being sucked inside the rift while the rest of the heroes go to the cooling towers.

Wesker awaits the heroes and prepares himself for the final battle. Every character charges on Wesker and fight him but with no result. While fighting, Silver uses his telekinetic powers to destroy the cooling tower and bury Wesker under the debris. Not only does Wesker rise from the ruins but he transforms into a giant monstrosity of pure dark energy and heads to another cooling tower. From out of nowhere, Dante suddenly attacks Wesker in his demon form and seriously injures him, revealing that he is after all vulnerable. The final fight begins.

After defeating the final boss, Wesker loses the power of the Chaos Emeralds by the attacks of Dante's sword. Sonic collects the Chaos Emeralds, transforms into Super Sonic and finishes him off. The cooling towers collapse and the rift closes, sucking Mephiles inside. The heroes gather around the ruins as a ray of sunlight emerges from where the rift closes. Peace is restored to the world.

Sonic watches the Capcom heroes sitting amongst the ruins and chatting with the Sonic heroes (each Sonic character interracting with its Capcom counterpart). Sonic finds Megaman X and thanks him for his help by shaking his hand. He then opens a portal with the Chaos Emerald to Capcom's universe. The game ends with the Sonic heroes watching the Capcom heroes departing to their world.


The game features new and returning characters from the Capcom side. The full roster of the game features 42 playable characters, 21 from each side with 4 unlockable characters from each side, a total of 8 unlockable characters. Unlike the previous Capcom fighting game, it does not include downloadable content. There are also 2 titan characters similar to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Titan characters are starter and they can only team up with 1 more character. Dr. Eggman and Huitzil are the titan characters of the game.

Sonic the Hedgehog Capcom











































Additional Characters

In addition to the 42 playable characters, there are 6 extra characters. Mighty, Jet, Captain Commando and Nina are unlocked after finishing the final story in any difficulty. Immarius and Jedah Doma are unlocked by defeating the final boss in "hard" or "very hard" difficulty. These characters do not have an ending.

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Capcom vs. Sonic the Hedgehog features a total of 14 stages, 7 from each side. Sensation City is a new original stage introduced in the game. The fight takes place in an arena, several feet above the ground, connected on 3 giant skyscrapers. People are seen leaning from the windows and cheering. There are several lights, logos and helicopters in the stage. Shirenji is another new original stage. It is a rather simple stage as the fight takes place on a Chinese bridge.

Sonic the Hedgehog Capcom
  • Marine Base
  • Willamette Parkview Mall
  • Sensation City
  • Courtroom
  • Shirenji
  • Ninetails Arena
  • Gill's Stage
Final Stage
  • Decimation*

*After unlocking every character's ending, the final story and boss fight are unlocked. The final stage is called Decimation and is a fight between all of the hero characters vs. Wesker who has fused with Mephiles and the power of the Chaos Emeralds. The battle takes place on the highest cooling tower, with a view of the destroyed Prometheus Base and the black hole sucking Eggman's battleships. The final boss fight is similar to that of Galactus in the previous Capcom vs. installment. Before battling the boss, the player can choose and form 5 teams of 3 players which he can switch during gameplay.


The game uses adapted score from various Sonic and Capcom games during fighting. This has been changed because when the character themes played during battle the mood and atmosphere of the fight changed rapidly. The game's theme is composed by Golden Globe nominee Harry Gregson-Williams as well as the game's original score which plays during the cutscenes.


Sonic CD - Sonic Boom (Crush 40 & Cash Cash Remix)-0

Sonic's Theme


Asura's Wrath OST - Eternal Challenger (Ryu)

Ryu's Theme


Sonic Adventure DX Music BELIEVE IN MYSELF

Tails' Theme


Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - Megaman X Theme

Megaman X's Theme


Follow Me by Kay Hanley (Team Rose's Theme)-1

Amy's Theme


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Knuckles Theme

Knuckles' Theme


Marvel vs Capcom Mash-up Morrigan

Morrigan's Theme


Capcom vs. Sonic the Hedgehog received generally favorable reviews from both Capcom and Sonic fans. It received a 79/100 from Metacritic who praised the game's plot development through the characters' endings. The game gathered an 8.6 from GameSpot who praised the game for its visuals, gameplay and storyline, saying: "Unlike most fighting games of our generation, Capcom vs. Sonic the hedgehog focuses on a unique story, blending the Sonic characters with the Capcom characters in an epic adventure. IGN awarded the game a 9.0 saying: "The game features many satisfactory characters in an all new epic adventure. Despite the lack of new modes, the game makes a powerful entry to the Capcom vs. series.". Nintendo Power gave the game a 9.2 out of 10 for its "sharp visuals, rapid gameplay and exciting storyline".

Mostly negative reviews received some characters' endings which lacked action or were considered to be too short. Some fans claimed that Sonic characters did not fit with the Capcom characters in a fighting game due to their sizes and differences. Other negative reviews came from who criticized the game's repetitive moveset on some Capcom characters such as Dante, Amaterasu and Arthur.


  • This is the first Sonic crossover fighting game.
  • This is the third Sonic fighting game after Sonic the Fighters and Sonic Battle.
  • Princess Elise can be seen in the background of Soleanna, waving her hand.
  • This is the first Sonic game whose score is composed by a Golden Globe nominated composer
    • It is also the first Sega game whose score is composed by a Golden Globe nominee.
  • Willamette Parkview Mall is infested with zombies which are seen in the background while fighting.
  • Zombie Mode is a reference to Dead Rising.
  • The Courtroom is filled with people. At first there is peace inside the courtroom and people are doing their job normally. When the fight gets noticeable, the people start cheering and shouting.
  • Bass wears a small cloak over his mouth to make his appearance more dramatic, similar to Bass in Rockman Online and Bass EXE.
  • Although not big in the actual series, Huitzil is made a titan in this game.
  • Dr. Eggman and Wesker's endings are the only ones that take place before the introduction.
  • The concept art of Gill's stage in Street Fighter appears as a fighting stage in the game.
    • Despite the stage, Gill himself does not make an appearance in the game.
  • This is Phoenix Wright's first actual playable appearance (the player has control of the character).
  • One of Knuckles' costumes is the Dr. Eggman suit from Sonic Rivals.
  • One of Phoenix Wright's costumes is Miles Edgeworth's suit.
  • Mephiles uses Cimmerian Shade (his 2nd Hyper) on Date, to take his body and powers.
  • One of Dante's costumes is a Vergil color palette.
  • One of M. Bison's costumes is a Nazi outfit.
  • The final stage, Decimation, can be accessed as a normal fighting stage without the boss by entering a cheat code during the stage selection screen.