Charles France Jr.

Candlelight had a special connection with her father. He was the one who primarily took care of her while her mother was at work late. She enjoyed spending time with him, and he did everything he could to make her smile. He started teaching her how to play the guitar, as he was in a band in high school, and the two bonded. They rarely ever argued and she tried to spend as much time with him as possible.

However, one day in celebration of her grandfather's birthday, Charles's father, they went to a resort to celebrate on a balcony. When they all went inside for dinner, Charles stayed out to smoke a cigar, where he accidentally "fell" off the balcony to his shocking death. Candlelight was absolutely heartbroken and mourns his death to this day. It made her very emotional and rather quiet, and she does everything she can to make him happy up in heaven.

Ariel France

Candlelight and her mother have a close relationship. Though she wasn't around very often during her childhood, she liked to bond with her daughter. After her husband's death, she had to quit her job to take care of Candle, while also handling not only with her sorrow, but her daughter's as well. Candlelight got much closer with her mother and prays that she doesn't face a similar fate as her father did.

Charles France Sr.

Charles loves her granddaughter very much. He loved visiting her and watching her grow up and tried to get involved in her life as much as he could. His son's death amplified his love for his granddaughter and he tried everything he could to make the clouds and the rain go away. He never fails to make her smile and knowing that he's still alive makes Candlelight feel great. She sees her father in her grandfather, and it makes her very happy.

Romantic Interests

Evergreen the Echidna

Lasting three years, Marshall and Candlelight were a very happy couple. His moving away to Sorrento Town was what broke them up, as that is 2,000 miles away from where she is. Candlelight begged him not to leave, as she already lost a loved one, but he told her that he had to go for what he wanted. Candlelight then broke up with her, as she said long-distance relationships never work out anyway. A year later, Candlelight went to visit him, only to find him hanging from a tree in his backyard.

Two years later, she went to visit him, but it coincidentally fell on the one year anniversary of his death. She visited his grave and put eighty dollars worth of flowers on his grave. She felt bad until a stranger came up and kicked the flowers, saying he didn't deserve them because he pushed a girl's father off a balcony. She realized that that was her father, and all of her grief went away.

Cole the Echidna

Cole and Candlelight started out as good friends. They didn't talk much, back then, but she liked to be a third-wheel to him while he was still dating Christina. After he broke up with her, she comforted both of them equally, until Cole moved away to focus on his music career. After she graduated high school, Candlelight started to listen to Cole's new music and started to develop feelings for him. She started to talk to him freshman year, and then he asked her out. The two are still dating to this day and love each other very much.


Monica the Fox

Candlelight and Monica grew up together in Beach Cove. They were best friends since they were in elementary school, completely inseparable and always liked to hang out with each other. Though they had completely different interests, they still found a way to bond, as they would always support each other at their events. After they graduated high school, the two had a sad goodbye, but they text each other and catch up.

Ashley the Cat

Like her relationship with Monica, Candlelight and Ashley are also best friends. They known each other since they were little, and grew up with each other and always hung out. They had a sad goodbye after leaving for college, but the two still like to visit each other when they are on a break from school.

Alison the Husky

Alison was the first friend that Candlelight made when she moved to college, when she found out they were rooming together, she was a little disappointed since they didn't share a common interest, but Alison put in the effort to get to know her better and they became best friends.

Lili the Cat

Candlelight met Lili in elementary school, where they weren't friends. Candle was frightened by how snobby and rich she was and was too scared to talk to her. However, after her father's passing, Lili reached out to her and helped her get through the grief and the two became great friends. Lili had to move in high school, but she often came to Beach Cove to visit her. Candlelight still keeps in touch with her in college, and they like to catch up on things.

Alexis Petals

Candlelight was dumbfounded when she found out that the pop sensation Lexi Bloom would be attending MCA. The two were classmates and had most of their memorable moments in Ms. Butwag's class, and they would usually hang out while they were at the MCA.

Christina the HedgeCat

Christina met Candlelight at the MCA during Ms. Butwag's AP Geometry Class. The two liked to hang out after school, having a common interest in fashion and a love for the beach.

Michelle the Cat

Candlelight met Michelle when the two both were on the cheerleading team for the MCA Rooks in their freshman. Both of them hated it and decided to quit the next year, and they became really good friends in that run.


Ingrid the Sheep

The arch rival of Candlelight, the two both shared a mutual dislike for each other and wanted nothing to do with each other. The two have completely different tastes in music, as Candlelight describes her as "stuck in the 18th century". However, both have a common fashion interest and try to see who pulls of designs better.

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