Candice and her boyfriend

Candice Catseal (in her recent outfit update in 2014), with her boyfriend Auron the Wolf.

"You're in BIG trouble now bad guys!"-Candice

Candice Catseal is the second member of Team Spirit, and is the group's power type character. She is a heroic protagonist, (even if she lets the fame go to her head sometimes.) Candice's main power is to increase her stature to become an incredibly strong and durable giantess. Candice uses this amazing ability for good however lending her assistance to those who are in need, and fighting off larger or stronger threats other characters just can't match in terms of physical strength.


"Got to look good for the camera!"-Candice while posing after her victory against Griefan.

Candice is a Mobian feline with blue eyes and yellow fur. She has long, human like hair and is known to wear a variety of styles and "cute" dresses. She is also known to wear a variety of different footwear depending on the social situation. One thing however when you notice her is unlike other Mobian felines, her standard height is about 5ft. With her powers she can become a towering and imposing giant making her clothes "grow" with her.
Candice outfit

Candice likes to be fashionable.


Despite her colossal powers, Candice can be really down to earth (if not somewhat obsessed about being socially accepted.) Candice is a more benign giant then her two sisters, and her anti-brother Griefan . As such Candice is known only to use her superpowers when absolutely necessary, (or when people want to meet her.) Candice can however be a tad vain. Often she lets her fame from being heroic go to her head, but in the end she is a reliable and supportive member of her team.

Candice in a city.

Curiosity cannot kill this cat.


It is believed Candice actually hails from the SOL Kingdom. She is known to have been raised as a normal child until one day her parents found out about her powers. Candice decided it was best for her family and the citizens of SOL if she went to live in the Leafy Green Forest.

One day a young fox named Jared met her while going out to collect bugs with his friend Shard. Candice became embarrassed as her clothes were barely able to connect to her massive body. In a blind rage of shame she attacked the nerdy duo trying to ward them off from her. Luckily Jared the fox was able to use his harmonic psychic powers to calm her down, while his buddy Shard devised a formula to allow clothing to grow with her in size. Candice became thankful and she decided to befriend the two nerdy Mobians.

Later she moved to Mobius Prime with her friend Jared and settled down in Station Square after gaining Mobian citizenship. Eventually the AMA attacks on Mobius, and even the arrival of her destructive anti-sister Gicandice the cat forced Candice into combat in order to protect her new home. Candice helped the local GUN forces defend against these threats eventually earning a modest accumulation of respect from the local military. She then got with her comrades and formed Team Spirit to combat the AMA threat and others like the Neonians, the Coalition, and of course old Eggy himself.

Candice is currently in a relationship with an artist/photographer named Auron. They meet every so often now and go out on normal dates allowing Candice to have a semi-normal life.


"Outa my way boys, these ones are mine!"-Candice telling her comrades to vacate the area as she charges into a group of Swatbots.

Candice possesses many secondary powers that allows her to use her main one, becoming a giant at variable gigantic sizes. The bigger she gets, the more powerful and durable the becomes,(also the slower in reflexes compared to normal characters.) She is considered the “power” type character on team spirit because even at her normal size she possesses minimum super strength to be the powerhouse on the team.

Candice grows even bigger by blcksheep-d6o5a1n

Candice using her growth powers to overpower her sister. (Note: Both Candice and Gicandice share a more anthro design in this picture.)


"I've got great lungs to play the clarinet."

There is more to Candice than just might alone however. She is known to be a superb clarinet player and has been in a Mobian band before. Candice has a "fashion eye" that allows her to locate most of the latest and most hip clothing allowing for her to get what she needs in a store rather quickly. Finally she is known to be quite artistic and has designed her own clothes before.


Despite her unbelievable super strength and durability she possesses Candice is actually considered the third weakest giant character within Jaredthefox's continuity, only surpassing Griefan and then Cyrus in terms of raw physical might. (The strongest overall in my series is Gicandice Lulissa Bradanska, her anti-sister.) However Candice is seemingly more intelligent than her girly brute of a annoying anti-sister and often can defeat Gicandice by being more reserved an wearing her down. Compared to her other doppelganger, Gicandice Melissa Perry they are evenly matched. However Candice seems more brave and heroic then this version. Also like all of the macro characters in Jaredthefox's continuity she shares the same weaknesses such as: Needing to eat a hearty meal before engaging in combat or risk shrinking mid fight, being susceptible to all manner of non-conventional weaponry, being vulnerable in her giant ears and eyes, and of course being slow in moving reflexes. Luckily Candice has the nice perk from being on the good guy side as most of the time GUN is not trying to aim at her with their weaponry and soldiers.

Gallery of the old versions of Candice(Note: These designs are now considererd non-canon to Jaredthefox92's continuity.) 


  • Candice is based off of Jaredthefox92's friend from High School.
  • If she had a theme song it would be "Too Cool" by Camp Rock, mostly
  • Candice seems to speak with a educated southern teen accent.
  • because it fits her compare to her sister Gicandice Lulissa Bradanska.
    Camp Rock- Too Cool- Lyrics

    Camp Rock- Too Cool- Lyrics

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